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Why study postgraduate environmental science at Sydney

Propel your career, refresh your skills or take a new direction
Find out how our postgraduate course in environmental science is a launch pad into leadership for professionals in the environmental sector and helps build a career with positive impact.

Why study environmental science?

Our Master of Environmental Science is a launch pad into leadership for professionals in the environmental sector. If you are a new graduate keen to kick-start your career, or a professional looking to up-skill or gain formal qualifications, then this one-and-a-half-year course is the perfect option.

Drawing on a wide range of science-based disciplines and applications, from ecology to solar power, analytical chemistry to geomorphology, our Master of Environmental Science gives you a grounding in basic environmental issues, while also offering great flexibility in what subjects you take and how deep you delve into them. 

Jorybell Masallo

"The Master's degree in Environmental Science deepened my knowledge not only of the atmosphere-ocean interaction, but also the social, economic and ecological impacts," explains Jorybell Masallo, Master of Environmental Science graduate.

"Before I came to Australia, I worked as a climatologist at the Philippines meteorological office.

"I have high hopes to be able to use this knowledge and experience for the betterment of my home country."

Environmental science at Sydney

The course’s focus is on linking your education in environmental sciences (such as ecology, climate change and chemistry) with studies in politics and law, project evaluation and assessment, decision-making and conflict resolution.

Giving you the ability to understand the environmental problems that can arise and the disparate solutions that can be applied to solve them. You can also pursue your particular interest with our range of electives, which include marine science, international development, law and the environment, geographic information systems, and more.

As a Master of Environmental Science student, you'll be taught by leading experts at the University of Sydney, which is top-ranked in Australia for Environmental Science (Excellence in Research for Australia evaluations).

Our graduates leave with a broad interdisciplinary knowledge base and the ability to apply their knowledge with flexibility and innovation as leaders in the workplace.

Environmental science careers

Master of Environmental Science graduates are found in a variety of professional roles such as:

  • analytical scientist
  • environmental indicator monitor
  • policy-makers
  • environmental manager
  • catchment manager.

Within Australia, our graduates have acquired jobs in federal, state and local government bodies including State Forests NSW, the Roads and Transport Authority, and the National Parks and Wildlife Service, as well as with private consultancies.

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25 June 2020

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