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Animal health careers

Animal health graduates work in diverse array of careers
Our industry-oriented, science based courses will prepare you for a career in a wide variety of animal health industries. Graduates can be found working in animal welfare, biosecurity, wildlife conservation and more.
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Why should I study animal health?

If you're passionate about animals and animal health, there's a vast range of animal-related jobs you can move into upon graduating. There are roles in government services, zoos, artificial breeding, natural resource management, management of invasive animals, medical research, teaching at various levels in education, and working as an animal nutritionist. A career in this industry is also a rewarding option for people who are passionate about our nation’s fauna.

If you decide to work in the animal industries you will join a band of passionate professionals who care about animals and love what they are doing.

What animal health job opportunities are there?

It’s a well-known fact that not all med students become doctors, right? So, why do people still think that studying an animal science degree corners you into a career as a vet? Animal health professionals work in many regions of Australia. Industries most graduates work include professional, scientific, technical services, education and training.

Animal health professionals tasks include investigating the interrelationships between animals in their natural surroundings, in captivity and in laboratories, preparing or supervising the preparation of laboratory reports and scientific papers, and presenting findings at scientific meetings and conferences.

How much can I earn with an animal health degree?

As career opportunities span a range of roles and industries, salary trends depend on the area you decide to work. Click through the gallery to see some example salaries for jobs that graduates enter.

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What qualifications do I need for a career in animal health?

We offer a number of animal health degree options. These come with the opportunity to work with experts from the Taronga Conservation Society, state-of-the-art veterinary facilities and a semi-rural campus option for hands-on experience with real-life livestock.

Specialist courses

Undergraduate courses

Programs and majors available in these courses:

Visit our study animal health and veterinary science page for all the options.

14 September 2020

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