05 March 2024

New hybrid agriculture model brings food and energy benefits 

Combining traditional agricultural farming land with renewable energy technologies reap potential benefits.

24 May 2024

Olivia Coppin’s unexpected journey into wildlife conservation

From a young age, Olivia Coppin dreamed of working with animals. When she found the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Taronga Wildlife Conservation) at the University of Sydney, she realised her dreams could become a reality.
23 May 2024

How Natalie turned her passion for sustainability into a successful career

Natalie shares how her passion for the environment and desire to make an impact led her to make a career change into the sustainability sector.
21 February 2024

Open the door to a dynamic career in veterinary medicine

From treating cattle to researching animal disease, no two veterinary science jobs are the same. Hear from three of our recent graduates about how studying veterinary medicine at the University of Sydney has shaped their careers.
10 March 2022

Improved wheat to counter climate extremes

Rising temperatures threaten our ability to grow crops. Partnerships between academia and industry have created top-level research with a tangible impact.

03 August 2022

Sydney veterinary scientists helping communities around the Pacific

Top Sydney veterinary scientists are spreading awareness, training, and planning to neighbouring Pacific Island Countries in order to help prevent outbreaks of infectious diseases like foot-and-mouth.

11 August 2022

Professor Marcel Dinger appointed Dean of the Faculty of Science

Professor Dinger is an experienced genome biologist and entrepreneur, with 22 years’ experience in bioinformatics and genomics in both commercial and academic capacities.

16 August 2022

Atmospheric rivers

An “atmospheric river” is a narrow, fast-flowing stream of moist air - many thousands of kilometres long, a few hundred kilometres wide, and usually traveling faster than 45 kph.
25 January 2022

Science grad wins big with biodiversity tech start-up

Bachelor of Science graduate Camille Goldstone-Henry has claimed the 2021 Women’s Weekly Women of the Future award in recognition of her work in protecting Australia’s iconic species.
15 November 2022

Human evolution is disgusting!

The emotion of disgust acts as a ‘behavioural immune system’ to protect us from disease.