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Why study sustainability at Sydney

Propel your career forward or in a new direction by studying sustainability

Find out how our major or postgraduate course in sustainability will accelerate your understanding of complex sustainability challenges and help you build a career with a positive impact.

Rodrigo Ramirez, Master of Sustainability graduate shares his experience.

Why study sustainability?

Our planet is facing tough new challenges that demand innovation and specialised skills. Individuals, communities and organisations have a role to play in developing solutions that will help make our world more sustainable.

If you have a passion for the environment, postgraduate study will deepen your understanding of sustainability in a range of different contexts.

From business to public health, from environmental law to renewable energy, from sustainable food to corporate sustainability reporting, developing specialised knowledge in this field can open up doors to new opportunities, career advancement and improve your earning potential.

"The problems we are facing demand multidisciplinary experts to deal with them," explains Professor Manfred Lenzen, who serves as the Master of Sustainability Course Coordinator.

"We educate graduates that are able to communicate across various disciplines and speed up global problem solving."

Sustainability at Sydney

Studying sustainability at Sydney is multidisciplinary, combining leading expertise from disciplines spanning business, economics, law, health, agricultural and environmental science, energy and engineering, design and technology.

This approach allows you to build a broad skillset and launch into a wide range of careers.

You’ll gain foundational knowledge and applied skills in areas such as renewable energy and resource conservation, population health, food security and sustainability policy.

You do not need to have a specific background for this course, you can apply for our Masters in Sustainability with a bachelor’s degree from any discipline, or include it as a major as part of your existing degree.

Picture of Neha Nagpal sitting on a chair, smiling

Neha Nagpal
Current Master of Sustainability student

“I have really enjoyed gaining an in-depth, 360 degree understanding of sustainability," says Neha Nagpal, a current Master of Sustainability student 

"How almost every subject is connected to sustainability, it’s a beautiful, complex web.

"On the practical side, getting to learn methodologies to do carbon foot printing, impact analysis and input-output tables - these are tangible skills that are likely to be in demand for a long time.”

Sustainability careers

Picture of Madeleine Combe standing in front of a red wall, smiling

Madeline Combe (MSust ’19)
Sustainability and ESG specialist

Across all industries, public and private organisations are investing in sustainable practices and seeking professionals who have the knowledge to help them understand where they can make a difference.

"My capstone project has enabled me to cross over into the sector I wanted, working as a consultant on Environmental Social Governance data, capturing the whole picture of sustainability," says graduate Madeline Combe.

"It is commented quite frequently that I have an impressive breadth of knowledge and skills considering my age and I have the Master of Sustainability to thank for that.”

You can tailor our sustainability degree to suit your path, with the flexibility to choose electives that build on foundational sustainability topics and align with your interests. These areas include:

  • Built environment
  • Business
  • Education
  • Communication
  • Environmental science
  • Food and water
  • Global development
  • Health
  • Law
  • Policy
  • Social entrepreneurship

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12 July 2022

Professor Manfred Lenzen

"The problems we are facing demand multidisciplinary experts to deal with them. We educate graduates that are able to communicate across various disciplines and speed up global problem solving."
Master of Sustainability