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Murray Lecture

Free public talks celebrating the life sciences
Join us for the 2022 Murray Lecture, presented by Professor Emma C. Teeling, University College Dublin - 'Superhero bats: can bat genomes help us live longer?'

Superhero bats: can bat genomes help us live longer?

Presented by Professor Emma C. Teeling, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., MRIA, School of Biology and Environmental Science, University College Dublin

Forget batman – real bats are the superheroes. Bats are truly unique and peculiar – they live longer than any other mammal relative to their body size and have a remarkable immune system that can resist many diseases. What can we learn from their genomes?

These amazing adaptations make bats an excellent group to investigate the mechanisms that allow them to live longer and avoid disease.

Bats appear to have resistance to many viral diseases such as rabies, SARS and Ebola-like viruses and are the suspected reservoir species for a huge diversity of newly discovered viruses, including Sars-CoV-2. Their innate immunity looks to be different to other mammals, perhaps playing a role in their unexpected longevity.

Explore how studying the genomes of wild bat populations from around the world is helping us understand ageing and immunity, as well as informing disease surveillance and pandemic preparedness.

Event Details

When: Tuesday 29 November 2022
Time: 5:45pm for 6pm - 8pm
(Lecture concludes at 7pm, followed by a cocktail reception)
Venue: The Refectory, Holme Building, Science Road, The University of Sydney NSW 2006
Cost: Free, registration essential for catering purposes
Register here by Thursday 24 November 2022

Professor Emma C. Teeling, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., MRIA

About the speaker

Professor Emma Teeling is a world‐class leader in the cross‐cutting fields of mammalian phylogenetics and comparative genomics, with particular‐expertise, in bat biology. She established the Laboratory of Molecular Evolution and Mammalian Phylogenetics in 2005, is a Founding Director of the genome consortium Bat1K and the Full Professor of Zoology at University College Dublin, Ireland. She has pioneered and leads global research into the development of bats as new models for healthy ageing and disease tolerance.

About the Murray Lecture

The Murray Lecture is named in honour of Professor Patrick Murray, who was Head of the School of Biological Sciences from 1949 until 1960. The lectureship was established in 2006 following a bequest from Professor Patrick Murray in late 2005.

The lectureship aims to bring an internationally noted academic to the School of Life and Environmental Sciences to present public lectures, participate in workshops and provide mentoring for postgraduate students.