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National Science Week 2020

Virtual tours, online events, DIY science and more
We're shining light on the wonderful world of science once again as University of Sydney researchers get involved in a range of online events for National Science Week.

Catch up on Dr Karl's House Party

2020 events

During National Science Week, the University of Sydney was represented at or hosted these exciting events:


Dr Karl’s House Party - Live stream

Mon 17 Aug, 7–8.15pm, online

Celebrate with Dr Karl online! Find out which animal grows a new anus each time it defecates, how spiders count while flying thousands of kilometres, and why humans have been making coffee the wrong way for centuries.

Essential Medicines – Hackathon

Thurs 20 August, 10am–9.15pm, online

Join us for a 12-hour hackathon. We invite you to contribute to a crowdsourced citizen science project which aims to share information about the essential medicines and ultimately improve access to these medicines.

Live From The Lab – Panel

Fri 21 August, 3–4.15pm, online

In-depth panel discussion between musicians and scientists. In this online discussion, we hone in on what aspects of the science spoke to the artists the most, and how they came up with their science-inspired creations.

Lunchbox Science - Where is time?

Wed 12 August, 12–12.45pm, online

Join Professor Rickles to explore whether time is a feature of the world out there, or something supplied by our minds. Physics has banished aspects of time, but, recent work takes time as a fundamental feature of the world.

Battery Low - Play videogames

Fri 21 August, 11am–6pm, online

Let’s chat about science while playing videogames. Join our livestream, where we bring scientists, sit them on a couch, and play videogames. You’re part of the show too, as we’ll be interacting with all your comments.

Sydney Science Trail - Pollinator portal

15 August to 15 September, online

This digital adventure is a launching pad for deeper engagement around native bees and pollination, providing a wealth of games and activities to suit any level of learning, from little people to the young-at-heart.

The Science of Healthy Cities

Fri 14 Aug - Sun 23 Aug, 12:00pm - 4:00pm, Online

Through a series of videos and discussions with experts in the intersection of health and urban planning. Learn about the role urban spaces play in health and wellbeing and how you can help scientists to tackle these issues.

Essential Medicine - Panel

Tues 18 Aug, 6–9pm, online

Join us for an online panel discussion, where we will present the history of essential medicines and explore questions about open source approaches to treatment of ancient and emerging diseases, including COVID-19.

Live From The Lab - Every morning

Fri 14 Aug - Fri 21 Aug, 8.15–8.45am, on FBi Radio

Musicians will be partnered with science researchers, in a celebration of science, music, arts and culture. The musicians will share compositions inspired by their emotional response to the scientists cutting-edge research.

Grand Challenge - Workshop

Mon 24 August, 9.30am–2.30pm, online

Online workshop giving students the opportunity to collaborate with leading researchers and award winning entrepreneurs to design their very own innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

It's on like Exciton! - Online games

Fri 14 August, launching 12pm, online

The newest set of online science games brought to you by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science. Get ready for Exciton Science when our three online games launch, and will stay online and be played at any time.

Your Neighbourhood Microbiologist

Sat 15 - Sun 23 August, podcast series

Getting to know your friendly neighbourhood microbiologist. Scientists in the microbiology field will share how they’ve been impacted by COVID19 – whether it’s helped or hindered their careers in infection and microbiology.

Soapbox Science Sydney

17 - 20 Aug, 7pm - 9:45pm, online

Soapbox Science Sydney is a free, interactive, online, public event showcasing the cutting edge Australian research carried out by 12 amazing female researchers in Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths disciplines.

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