Dr Karl’s Fact vs Fiction

The search for truth is hard!
A fascinating evening with the one and only Dr Karl Kruszelnicki!

Did Dr Karl (medical doctor with radio shows) really meet Dr Karl (medical doctor with radio show) on Neighbours Episode 4550? What happens to Farts if you don’t let them out, and are they really worse in the shower? Does the Paleo Diet work, OR is it crazy, or does it work AND is it crazy? Did the Nazis actually win World War II, and does this explain the lack of female scientists in Antarctica?

How can Alexander Pope help us with Conspiracy Theories? And what’s the link between TikTok and Tibetan Philosophy (apart from the letter T)? How long was the longest ever continuous plane flight without air-to-air refuelling? How do the viruses that make up 8% of our DNA make it possible for women to carry a pregnancy?

And of course, (accurate) Messages of Good Hope, plus Q&A.


Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM

Julius Sumner Miller Fellow, University of Sydney

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM just loves science to pieces, and has been spreading the word in print, on TV and radio, and online via social media for more than thirty years.

The author of 47 books (and counting), Dr Karl is a lifetime student with degrees in physics and mathematics, biomedical engineering and medicine and surgery.

He has worked as a physicist, labourer, roadie for bands, car mechanic, filmmaker, biomedical engineer, taxi driver, television weatherman, and medical doctor at the Children’s Hospital in Sydney.

Since 1995, Dr Karl has been the Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at the University of Sydney.

In 2019 he was awarded the UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the Popularisation of Science, of which previous recipients include Margaret Mead, David Attenborough, Bertrand Russell and David Suzuki.