Dr Karl’s Great Moments in Science - Rolling Thunder

Come nerd out, laugh and learn.
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What’s the Bulldust Asymmetry Factor? Why is the divorce rate in Maine so closely related to the daily US consumption of margarine? How do you cheaply make wood three times harder than steel and as transparent as glass? What happens to the rubber that wears off your tyres? How much weight do you lose when you ‘fart’? Why does Sky TV not know the difference between windmills and wind turbines? How can you tell a James Webb Space Telescope pic from a Hubble pic? Why did all the Gods of Metal Work have a limp? What changes did social media bring to our society? Just what is noise, and how is it related to Black Box Thinking?

Plus a Q&A following the presentation.


Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM

Julius Sumner Miller Fellow, University of Sydney

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki AM just loves science to pieces, and has been spreading the word in print, on TV and radio, and online via social media for more than thirty years.

The author of 47 books (and counting), Dr Karl is a lifetime student with degrees in physics and mathematics, biomedical engineering and medicine and surgery.

He has worked as a physicist, labourer, roadie for bands, car mechanic, filmmaker, biomedical engineer, taxi driver, television weatherman, and medical doctor at the Children’s Hospital in Sydney.

Since 1995, Dr Karl has been the Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at the University of Sydney.

In 2019 he was awarded the UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the Popularisation of Science, of which previous recipients include Margaret Mead, David Attenborough, Bertrand Russell and David Suzuki.