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Volcanic crater from a birds eye view


Geography, geology, geophysics, marine and environmental science
Our well-established and interdisciplinary research community spans a wide range of fields and engages in active collaborations across the world.

Research areas in geography, geology and geophysics

Geoscience research groups

ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub

The School of Geosciences is also home to an ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub:

Broad geosciences research themes

International development

  • Asia Pacific
  • Mekong
  • Livelihoods and environment

Mining and society  

  • Minerals for the future
  • Mining and Sustainability

The blue planet  

  • Marine processes  
  • Mining and Sustainability

Earth’s evolution

  • Earth systems science
  • Tectonics
  • Deep carbon
  • Environmental Geology

Environmental change  

  • Sustainable cities    
  • Feeding people
  • Environmental protection
  • Hazards, risk and disasters