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Clinical Psychology Unit

Accredited postgraduate training in clinical psychology
Operating within the School of Psychology, our clinical academic and professional staff provide comprehensive training across coursework, research-led practice and clinical placements with child, family and adult populations.

Our aims

Our programs adopt a Scientist-Practitioner model, led by practising clinical psychologists with expertise in their research areas recognised at an international level. The course aims to develop foundational skills in cognitive-behavioural therapy, building towards advanced skills training as well as breadth across multiple models of treatment.

We are actively committed to facilitating and deepening cultural humility and responsiveness in all aspects of our program, including curriculum, the Psychology Clinic, and research. Our aim is to recognise the diversity of each individual, family and community and embed this recognition in an understanding of the wider historical, social and political factors that affect the well-being of community members. We are also committed to developing direct partnerships with diverse community members, both in terms of advisory roles, participatory research and the inclusion of lived experience in the classroom.

Our people

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Our research

The Clinical Psychology Unit offers students projects in a wide variety of research areas, based on the expertise of individual academic staff members. Our strengths include the nature and treatment of anxiety disorders, school-based bullying, eating disorders, child conduct problems, family therapy and community based approaches, memory and sleep disorders in children, and health psychology.

Our programs

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The Master of Clinical Psychology (MCP) is a two-year full-time program comprised of academic coursework, supervised clinical placements and research. The coursework involves lectures, workshops, and seminars by University of Sydney academic staff and is timetabled on-campus during business hours. Clinical placement experience is gained through two internal clinical placements in the on-campus Psychology Clinic and two external clinical placements in hospital and community settings. The program includes 1200 hours of supervised clinical placement experience.

The Master of Clinical Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy (MCP/PhD) double degree is a four and half year full-time program, which provides clinical psychology training to candidates who also wish to complete a PhD, and who wish to pursue a research or academic career in clinical psychology.

Our Psychology Clinic 

The Clinical Psychology Unit operates the Psychology Clinic which provides psychological assessment, treatment and psychometric assessment services at low cost. Our services are for adults, adolescents, children and their families. We welcome clients from the general community, as well as University staff and students. As a teaching, training and research clinic at the University of Sydney, our clinic is staffed by postgraduate trainees who work under the supervision of highly experienced clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists. Our treatments and psychometric assessments reflect the latest developments in clinical practice and the highest standards of care.

Become a registered psychologist and endorsed clinical psychologist

Before commencing candidature in the Master of Clinical Psychology (MCP) program, all students are required to have applied for provisional registration with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA). Students must hold provisional registration with PsyBA in order to commence clinical placements in the first year of the MCP program.

MCP students will be eligible for full registration with PsyBA following the award of the MCP degree. Master of Clinical Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy (MCP/PhD) students will be eligible for full registration with PsyBA, following the completion of all coursework and placements of the MCP, and when research writing has progressed sufficiently to be equivalent in size and scope to the thesis requirements for the MCP.

In order to gain an Area of Practice Endorsement in clinical psychology, graduates need to undertake a two-year full time equivalent Registrar program following the completion of the MCP or MCP/PhD program. The Clinical Psychology Registrar program is a two-year full time equivalent program which involves clinical psychology practice, supervision, and continuing professional development. Students are eligible to apply to PsyBA, seeking approval to undertake the Registrar program once they have been granted full registration.

Become an external clinical placement supervisor

We invite clinical psychologists to become a supervisor for the Master of Clinical Psychology (MCP) and Master of Clinical Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy (MCP/PhD) students on external clinical placements which take place in the second year of the student's study program, in external community and hospital mental health and health settings as well as education settings.

Clinical placements are planned to be 2 days a week for 24 over two periods: January to June and July to December. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 100 hours of direct client contact and 48 hours of individual supervision. Supervisors need to complete evaluation forms with the student during various stages of the placement (contract, mid placement review, end of placement review and weekly clinical logs). Evaluation forms are due before the end of the clinical placement, in order to meet University of Sydney deadlines for submission of results. All relevant information regarding the supervision of clinical psychology students is available from the external placement handbook.

Clinical supervisors are required to have the following before providing supervision to students in training:

  • Postgraduate qualifications from an accredited university program
  • Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) endorsement in clinical psychology
  • At least two years of experience post-endorsement
  • Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) approved supervisor for the higher degree pathway
  • Formal appointment by the University as "Honorary Affiliate" clinical supervisor of the School of Psychology.

Supervisors must be appointed as an "Honorary Affiliate" to the University of Sydney, with appointments renewed 3-yearly. You are invited to contact the Faculty of Science Placements Officer – Psychology who will provide the necessary application documents and outline the application process. In summary this involves:

  1. Completion of the Honorary Title Nomination and application form
  2. Submitting your current Curriculum Vitae along with current photo identification
  3. Providing AHPRA Psyhcology Board Registration number and evidence of clinical endorsement and Psyhcology Board Approved Higher Degree Supervisor status.

Contact the Faculty of Science Placements Officer by emailing:

Students meet individually with the Clinic Director who is also the External Placement Coordinator, to discuss their interests and preferences. The External Placement Orientation also supports students’ understanding and preparation for external placements. The Clinic Director then makes contact with the nominated Placement Coordinator at the various placement sites to indicate that students are ready to be placed in line with each placement site and supervisor’s local processes. 

Supervisors appointed as Honorary Affiliates of the University of Sydney are entitled to some privileges such as a University of Sydney Library card and attendance at Professional Development seminars and School of Psychology Colloquiums.

One means by which we can recompense Supervisors for their labour is by providing on-going training in the form of study days and workshops for the purposes of Continuing Education points. We will advise you of such opportunities as they come up.

Caroline Hunt

Professor, Head, Clinical Psychology Unit
Clinical Psychology Unit
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