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Psychology clinic

The Psychology clinic provides psychological assessment, therapy and psychometric assessments. Our services are for adults, children, adolescents and their families, the general community as well as University staff and students. 

About the clinic

The Psychology Clinic is a student-led clinic, staffed by postgraduate students who work under the supervision of clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists. 

Our services are for adults, children, adolescents and their families, the general community as well as University staff and students. Following an intake and assessment process, to ensure that we are an appropriate treatment service, we can offer well-researched psychological treatment for mental health issues and assessment of learning difficulties for adults and children.

As a teaching, training and research clinic at the University of Sydney, our treatments and psychometric assessments reflect the latest developments in clinical practice and the highest standards of care.

Clinic News

Group program for 12-17 year olds:

Mind Over Mood – headspace Camperdown

These workshops will help you manage your behaviour and emotions and trach you new skills that will help you in your day-to-day life

.Commencing Wednesday February 28th 3:30-5:30pm with Mindfulness for 4 weeks (12-17years)

Contact: (02) 9114 4100 - ask for Vicki or Rachel. 

Adult Therapy Service:  Intake closed until Friday 24th May 2024. New referrals for intake will resume from Monday 27th May 2024

Adult Psychometrics: Closed for new referrals. Accepting new learning disorder referrals from Monday 22 January 2024

Child Therapy Service: Closed for New Referrals. Please continue to monitor this website for re-opening dates. Thank you for your understanding.

Child Psychometrics Service: Closed for New Referrals. Re-opening to be advised

Our services


  • Our trainee clinical psychologists, under the close guidance of their clinical psychology supervisors, aim to provide individually tailored, evidence-based psychological assessment and treatment for mental health difficulties in a safe and supportive atmosphere. Our approach seeks to alleviate the problems you are experiencing with the hope of creating a greater sense of wellbeing.
  • Fees: $20 per session (standard) | $10 per session (reduced fee for full-time students or unemployed only).

Psychometric assessments

  • Our clinic offers psychometric assessments for adults experiencing cognitive difficulty stemming from learning disorders (reading, writing, maths) and ADHD. Such assessments can determine the nature of the cognitive issue, and lead to recommendations that may assist with academic, occupational and/or general functioning.
  • Our Clinic does not perform assessments for medicolegal purposes, worker’s compensations, employee assistance or for the NDIS.
  • Fees: $300 (standard) | $150 (reduced fee for full-time students or unemployed only). Fee includes interview, test administration, feedback and full report. Assessments are conducted on a single day and generally take three to four hours.
  • Adult psychometric waiting list
    • Learning disorders (reading, writing, maths): Closed.
    • ADHD: Closed.

Therapy for children, adolescents and families

  • Many parents have concerns about their child’s emotional development or behaviour. Clinical Psychologists can play a useful role in providing treatment in various forms, including parenting strategies, family therapy, skills-building programs for children, or simply reliable information, for a range of behavioural and emotional problems such as aggression, anxiety, mood problems, social difficulties, bullying and family problems.
  • Fees: $20 per session (standard) | $10 per session (reduced fee for full-time students or unemployed only).

Psychometric assessments

  • Our Clinic offers comprehensive psychometric asessments for diagnosing issues related to learning problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and developmental difficulties. In additional to identifying issues that may warrant professional attention, these assessments can also provide recommendations that may assist with children’s school readiness, performance and general behavior. Additionally, where children are intellectually gifted, it can be helpful to identify their areas of strength to enable educational programming to cater to their needs for stimulation and advanced learning opportunities. 
  • Our clinic does not diagnose autism or provide cognitive evaluations of this condition. Families and individuals seeking assessments of people on the autism spectrum can contact ASPECT, Australia’s leading service provider for people on the Autism spectrum.
  • Fees: $300 (standard) | $150 per session (reduced fee for families where neither parent is employed). Fee includes interview, test administration, feedback and full report. Assessments are generally conducted over two mornings and take three to four hours.

People experiencing severe and chronic difficulties usually require more specialised services than those provided by the Psychology Clinic. We encourage you to see your local doctor or other suitable health professional for more appropriate referral options to avoid unnecessary delays in obtaining appropriate assistance for your needs. We are unable to provide services for the following issues:

  • Walk-in, crisis or emergency services.
  • Medico-legal, worker’s compensation, family court, or other legal matters.
  • Criminal-related behaviours or concerns.
  • High risk of suicidality or self-harm.
  • High risk of violence to self or others.
  • Current psychotic behaviours.
  • Serious and chronic substance abuse, addiction or gambling difficulties.
  • Students undertaking psychology studies at the University of Sydney.
  • Assessments for people on the autism spectrum (more specialist services are required).

Research projects

When attending our clinic, you may be invited to participate in research studies to help us contribute new and improved developments to the latest research in psychological assessment and treatment. Participating in these programs is voluntary and will not affect access to our services.

Our researchers are collaborating with researchers in the healthy brain ageing program. If you would like to participate in an online cognitive traing program as part of this resarch, please contact the Healthy Brain Ageing team.

How to make an appointment

Anyone may refer themselves, their child, or a client or patient to the Clinic. 

You do not need a referral to make an appointment. The Clinic Receptionist will take your contact details and an Intake Officer will call you back to obtain details of the difficulties involved and ensure that our Clinic is the most suitable service. Where people are not suited to our service, every effort will be made to provide details of more appropriate services.

If we can offer you suitable services, you/your child or adolescent will be placed on a waitlist and we will endeavor to offer an appointment as soon as we can. An estimate of the waiting time can be obtained from the Intake Officer.

Our team

Our team comprises the Clinic Director, Clinic Receptionist, Clinical Supervisors and our student clinicians.

Contact us for more information on (02) 9114 4343.

Getting here

Public transport

Public transport is highly recommended and easily available, by bus along Parramatta Rd, or by train to Newtown, Redfern and Central stations (15-30-minute walk).


Limited one- two-hour on-street parking is available in the surrounding streets. Allow additional time for parking. For psychometric assessments only, contact the Clinic Receptionist for alternative parking arrangements.

Contact us

  • (02) 9114 4376
  • Level 2, Building F (M02F), 94 Mallett St Camperdown
Opening hours
Mondays. Tuesdays, Thursdays 9:00am to 5:00pm Appointments First: 9:00am Last: 4:00pm

Psychology Clinic