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Parkinson's disease patient visiting Parkinson's disease clinic

ForeFront Parkinson's Disease research clinic

Investigating the causes and symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and related conditions
We strive to develop better patient care and family support for people living with Parkinson's Disease and related conditions including Dementia with Lewy Bodies, Idiopathic REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder (RBD), Progressive Supranuclear Palsy and Multiple System Atrophy.

About the clinic

The ForeFront Parkinson’s Disease clinic is a research-based facility that strives to develop better patient care and family support for people living with Parkinson’s Disease and related disorders. Our research investigates the causes underlying many of the problems faced by people living with these conditions.  We hope a better understanding of these symptoms will improve quality of life. In addition, we have specific studies addressing novel treatment and diagnostic approaches.

Our Services

Get involved – discuss your health with medical leaders

Your participation in our research trials is crucial as our studies rely on people living with Parkinson’s Disease and related conditions. It’s also an opportunity to discuss your health with some of the best and brightest research leaders.

For patients needing clinical services, please contact Professor Simon Lewis.

Participate in our research

We are currently running studies in freezing of gait, hallucinations and predicting disease, as well as clinical trials targeting specific symptoms and disease progression. Be part of history in the making – contact us to learn about participating in our work.

Our research program is always evolving so please contact us to find out more about our research.

Participate in our research

Study using re-purposed medication to treat Parkinson's disease is now open to recruitment. This involves six visits over 62 weeks. For more information, please visit the Research Studies page.

Our team

Deborah Hammond

Marilia Pereira

Danica Watson

Stacey West

Sobia Dean

Contact us

Parkinson’s disease research clinic

  • 9351 0551
  • Level 2, Brain and Mind Centre 100 Mallett Street, Camperdown, NSW, 2050