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Autism clinic

Clinic for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Research
Led by Professor Adam Guastella, The University of Sydney’s Clinic for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Research (CAN Research) conducts world-leading studies that aim to enhance the lives of individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions, including autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, intellectual developmental disorder and Tourette's syndrome.

About the clinic

Our research uniquely extends across the developmental lifespan, supporting and empowering children, young people, adults and their families. We seek to better understand challenges and characteristics within different age groups and find new ways to improve outcomes in schools, workplaces, healthcare settings, and the home.

Our independent clinical treatment trials evaluate new psychological therapies and medical therapeutics for both adults and children. With a focus on strengths, skills and overcoming challenges, our goal is to give individuals and their families an evidence-base from which to determine what works for them.

We collaborate with child developmental services across the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network to explore and support the needs and characteristics of children and youth with a range of neurodevelopmental conditions. We also partner with government and the private sector, to develop and implement research programs and interventions that increase support and enhance wellbeing.

Our Services

Our research and services extend across eight key areas of focus, including assessments, clinical trials, community consultation, employment, mental health, partnerships, policymaking, and understanding the mechanisms behind why therapies and interventions work.  


Current studies

This study is investigating the effectiveness of a new nasal spray in reducing social and behavioural challenges in autistic children when combined with social learning therapy. The nasal spray is being studied in combination with an established social learning intervention, called the Parent-delivered Early Start Denver Model (P-ESDM).

This study will look at social skills and social reciprocity in infants from aged three months to two years. The research will provide the first ever data to identify social challenges and track social development early in the life of children with CP.

Our team is partnering with clinicians and researchers from around Australia to investigate whether transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a safe and effective method to help support social communication in adolescents and adults with autism.

This study is assessing the safety, tolerability and efficacy of a pharmaceutical therapy called AB-2004, which aims to help support autistic adolescents with feelings of irritability.

We are running a group-based modified CBT programs for autistic adolescents and adults seeking support to manage social anxiety. The program runs over 8 weeks and is free.

Frontotemporal dementia or autism? Refining the diagnosis of emerging social impairments in older adults

We are researching the changes in cognitive, behavioural, and social functioning in various conditions affecting the brain, including frontotemporal dementia and its variants and autism.

We are seeking participants who experience difficulties with alcohol to participate in a research study investigating the effectiveness of a new nasal spray to help reduce alcohol use and craving.

Our team

Professor Adam Guastella, Principal Research Fellow, Clinical Psychologist and Michael Crouch Chair in Child and Youth Mental Health

Dr Kelsie Boulton, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Eleni Demetriou, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Rinku Thapa, Senior Research Officer

Zahava Ambarchi, Clinical Trials Manager and PhD Candidate

Carter Sun, Research Assistant and PhD Candidate

Lorna Hankin, Research Assistant

Makana Hilton, Research Assistant

Owen Tong, Research Assistant

Ayesha Sadozai, PhD Candidate

Clinic for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Research

  • Level 5, Building F, Brain and Mind Centre, 94 Mallett Street Camperdown, NSW, 2050

Clinic for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Research

Professor Adam Guastella

Head, ACTR