Labs, accomodation, boats and diving support to accomodate 30 people.
A remote island with all the facilities and infrastructure needed for a wide range of research and education purposes.


One Tree Island Research Station accommodates a maximum of 32 people in two buildings. Eagle View houses up to 16 visitors while Lagoon View houses up to 15 visitors. Both buildings have bunk-style bedrooms, common living areas, fully self-contained kitchens, and dining areas.


You are expected to bring all your scientific equipment, computers, batteries and chemicals with you. Please contact the Research Station if you have any queries or special requirements.

All your equipment must be transported on the same barge that leaves Gladstone on Thursdays. This means your equipment should be ready to be loaded on the barge on the previous Monday, at the latest.

A selection of equipment is available for use, inquire for details.

Types of labs

This laboratory has standard flooring and approximately 12 lineal metres of bench space. 240-volt power outlets are located in this laboratory. This is an airconditioned space.

Equipment available:

  • Small bench top centrifuge
  • 2 top pan balance (2 decimal places) and (3 decimal places)
  • A range of good quality microscopes
  • Epson HD projector 
  • White board

This is a sheltered outdoor lab space overlooking the lagoon with sea tables set up for continual saltwater flow input. Fresh water is UV sterilised and both fresh and seawater can be filtered (0.35 μm) so it is of sufficient quality for larval work.

If you require 0.2 μm filtered water, please notify the station. There will be a charge for the filter.  

At the rear of the Aquarium Building are two rooms with bench space where experiments and microscopic observations can be conducted. One room is an air-conditioned dark room, while the other room can be transformed into a dark or light workspace. 

This is an air-conditioned physiology unit equipped with:

  • Electronic balance
  • Fume-hood
  • Basic lab equipment 


One Tree Island Research Station bench fees include the use of the Station’s smaller boats for scientific research purposes only, provided a nationally recognised recreational boat licence or above is held.

Your current licence must be produced for station records.

Fuel for the boat is based on usage and any damage to equipment requiring repair or replacement is billed to the researcher. All vessels are fully equipped with safety equipment as required by AMSA regulations.

Types of boats available

  • 2 x 3.6m aluminium flat bottom Punts for use inside the lagoon with 9.9 HP outboard. Maximum capacity of 2 passengers. 
  • Sea Star and Sea Horse: 2 x 3.9m aluminium pontoon boats for use inside and outside the lagoon, and up to 500m from the reef edge, with the use of 9.9 HP, 25 HP or 30 HP outboards. Maximum capacity of 6 passengers. 
  • Sea Breeze: 1 x 4.1m aluminium pontoon boat with a detachable canopy for use inside and outside the lagoon, and up to 500m from the reef edge, with the use of 9.9 HP, 25 HP and 30 HP outboards. Maximum capacity of 5 passengers. 
  • Corypheana: 1 x 4.6m aluminium pontoon boat with a 60hp outboard motor, satellite navigation and sounder. Maximum capacity of 8 passenger (must have a Master Coxswains Grade 1 qualification to drive of higher)

The larger research vessels can be hired at rates found in the summary of fees document and are driven only by the Station Manager.

  • RV Linckia II is a well-equipped 11m vessel with twin 225 HP motors. This boat is ideal for work outside of the lagoon and around the Capricorn-Bunker Group of the GBRMP. It can transport up to 12 passengers with baggage and equipment. 
  • RV Orcinus II is a 5.9m aluminium pontoon boat with twin 60 HP motors for work in and outside the lagoon, and transfers between One Tree Island and Heron Island. It can transport up to 4 passengers with baggage or up to 6 without baggage.

Diving and snorkelling

One Tree Island Research Station has an air bank fill system and 14 x 80 CF and 6 x 65 CF SCUBA tanks. Tanks are available for hire and/or you may get your own tanks filled for a charge as detailed in the summary of fees.

The station has masks and snorkels, fins, booties, and a limited number of wet suits and BCDs/regulators available for hire. Weight belts and weights are available at no additional charge.


The only fresh water available on One Tree Island Research Station is that which is collected and stored in tanks from rainfall. The water is filtered to 0.5 micron and then UV sterilised. The water is safe to drink. Water conservation is a high priority on the island.

There is usually sufficient water for showering (one bucket per person per day), but during times of low rainfall and high usage by visitors, restrictions can be enforced at the station manager’s discretion.


The Research Station is supplied with 240V power from an 11.1 kW solar system, which is supported by 102 KWh battery bank and a 13 KVA generator. Power is directed through inverters which produce mains quality power to the laboratories and accommodation buildings. It is the aim of the station to run solely on solar power. Visitors are encouraged to save energy.

Internet and network coverage

Internet access is via high-speed microwave link and is included in the bench fees. There is no mobile phone coverage, although a home phone line can be used at a fee.

Labour hire

One Tree Island Research Station staff labour hire is available and information can be found in our Summary of Fees (PDF. 689KB)