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Business study tours and immersion programs

How to apply

Philippines virtual study tour

The Philippines Study Tour is not scheduled to run in 2022. If you have any questions about this program, contact

To apply for the Philippines Virtual Study Tour you will need to select the unit of study relevant to your tour in Sydney Student (go to 'My studies', then 'Units of study').

  • undergraduate - BUSS2344
  • postgraduate - BUSS6510

When you select the unit, you'll be prompted to apply for departmental permission so that it can be assessed whether you meet the eligibility criteria and if you have room in your degree.

What happens next

The Business School will assess your application and contact you with the outcome of your application.

If your application is approved, you'll automatically be enrolled in the unit of study you requested.

If you receive a notification that you have not met the course requirements for the unit of study, you are not eligible to participate in the program based on your current enrolment status and the associated degree progression information available in Sydney Student (, specialisations and elective space in your degree). 

Study tours and immersion programs

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Last updated: 09 September 2021

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