Careers Fair 2022

7 ways to impress at the Careers Fair

Stand out from the crowd at the Careers Fair

Do your homework and follow these 7 steps to wow potential employers.

Students speaking with an employer at the 2022 Careers Fair

Before the Careers Fair

1. Find out which employers are attending

Check out the below careers fairs to find out which events employers are attending: 

Before you meet with employers, it's important to do research who the employers are and what they're looking for in potential candidates. 

2. Be prepared to introduce yourself

You might find it helpful to prepare and rehearse a 60 second ‘elevator pitch’ about yourself which you can tailor to each employer and their company needs.

You should also prepare a list of impressive questions to ask (don’t ask about things you could have found out on their website!). These might include questions about the representative’s career path, projects that they have worked on, the skills and attributes they seek from applicants and the graduate program on offer.

Resources to help you prepare:

Read more - Tips from employers on employability skills: 6 ways to get a job and keep it

On the day

3. First impressions count!

Dress like a professional – it’s good to wear what you would to a job interview. Whilst employers don't expect you to wear a suit at a Careers Fair you do want to look professional and well dressed.

Smile and make eye contact with the exhibitor before introducing yourself. Throughout the conversation, make sure you answer any questions clearly and confidently.

4. Take notes

Take notes of any information that will help you to improve your future applications and interview preparation. Where appropriate, ask for a business card or make a note of the name and position of the person you have spoken with, you never know when you might see them again.

5. Network, network, network

The Careers Fair is a great opportunity to meet and connect with new people, both employers and fellow students. Who knows, you may end up meeting a future employer or colleague!

If you keep bumping into someone you don't know at different employer stalls, say hello and talk about the fair. You could assume you have a few things in common and discuss the merits of each employer you've come across.

6. Be open to new possibilities

This might be an idea for a career direction that you’ve overlooked or a position available that you wouldn’t have otherwise noticed. Be open to new avenues and challenges. 

After the fair

7. Follow up and take action!

Review your notes, as well as the information and contacts you collected at the fair.  If you collected any business cards, send a professionally written thank you email to that representative, mentioning one or two things that you took away from your interaction.

If making applications, confirm application closing dates and get started, making use of our Careers Centre services throughout the process.

Upcoming Careers Fairs

Keep up to date with upcoming Careers Fairs on the Careers Centre website.

Updated: 9 February 2023

3 March 2017

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