Top 10 Instagram spots on campus

Places to go when you have a camera and an Instagram account

Want to nail your debut Instagram post at the University of Sydney? From the iconic to the hidden, these campus locations are seriously photogenic, #usydhereicome.

1. The Quadrangle


Photo by @giftoftwentyfour

When it comes to Instagrammable spots, you can’t go past the Quad. With its beautiful 19th-century sandstone and Hogwarts vibes, there’s little wonder that it’s a favourite for tourists and students alike. 

2. The Abercrombie Building

Abercrombie building

Photo by @ohbabyitskaren

Since it opened in 2016, the Abercrombie Building has been a hotspot for aesthetic architecture shots – it’s hard to take a bad shot of that spectacular spiral staircase. 

3. The Anderson Stuart Building

Anderson Stuart Building

Photo by @asthesaying.goes

With its dramatic doors and stairways, the Anderson Stuart Building proves that the Quad isn’t the only place on campus to take a killer sandstone shot. 

4. The Graffiti Tunnel

Graffiti Tunnel

Photo by @chloe_anx

Who’d have thought you could find a grungy tunnel in the midst of our austere, picturesque campus? It provides a colour-drenched backdrop perfect for showcasing street style.

5. Victoria Park bridge

Victoria Park bridge

Photo by @ruby.duff

Wander down to Victoria Park for an unrivalled view of the Quad in all its glory.  

6. The Bathing Lady statue

Bathing Lady

Photo by @qinwenwang 

This hidden gem can be found in the Old Teachers’ College, and is especially stunning in jacaranda season.

7. The New Law Building

New Law Building

Photo by @szyld

The building’s glass façade was designed with wooden louvres to track the light, but even the architects couldn’t predict how spectacularly the windows would reflect the sunset. 

8. Charles Perkins Centre

Charles Perkins Centre

Photo by @hendysantono 

With its pearl-white flowing walkways snaking around a six-storey atrium, the futuristic Charles Perkins Centre makes a strong case for coolest interior on campus.

9. Sydney Nano

Nanoscience building

Photo by @glassfauna

Play with lines and shadows in our state-of-the-art nanoscience hub. 

10. Courtyard Cafe

Courtyard cafe

Photo by @courtyard_usyd    

This light and airy cafe is Scandinavian-chic, with the added bonus of Insta-worthy pizzas. 

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17 March 2017

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