Why you should join the Welcome to Sydney program

Get a one-of-a-kind Sydney experience
Make the most of your Sydney experience. Network with alumni and make friends from around the world by signing up to a Welcome to Sydney event.
Group of students at Welcome to Sydney party

Students at a Welcome to Sydney event at the Parliament of NSW.

1. Network with alumni

You’ll get to meet some of our alumni, staff and friends who are fantastic hosts and are eager to give you a big ol’ Sydney welcome to the University community.

“The best part about it was you get to engage with alumni, including people from the corporate sphere and university academics – it’s an experience that you don’t get anywhere else,” says Kalee Kapoor, a Master of Management student from India. “One of the alumni I met was actually able to mentor me afterwards, which was an amazing experience to get from just attending one event!”

2. Learn from the locals

Who better to show you around Sydney than the locals? Not only can our hosts give you advice about University, but they can give you tips on navigating a new city.

“I had some great conversations with senior staff, and I learnt about all these new places to go,” explains Ping Kwan, a Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student from Hong Kong. “I gained some local knowledge about cool restaurants and watering holes, as well as tips on where to volunteer and how to get experience in my field at the vet hospital.”

3. Have unique experiences

There are usually around 60 Welcome to Sydney events held throughout the year – all are unique, just like the people who host them. Past Welcome to Sydney events have included a picnic in the park, watching opera in Darling Harbour, attending a football match and even dinner at the Vice-Chancellor’s house. 

“I saw that someone ran a Welcome to Sydney event at the Opera House and I thought the behind-the-scenes experience they were able to give to the students was incredibly special,” says alumnus Mark Webb (BSc ’94 BE(InfoSyst) ’96), Chief Executive, NSW Department of Parliamentary Services.

 “I thought that I could similarly give international students a sense of how the Australian democratic process works – so we gave the students a tour of Parliament House, showed them behind the scenes, took them to lunch in the Strangers Dining Room and ended the day at Question Time. We event got the Speaker of the House to recognise the students in the Hansard, so their attendance was officially recorded.”

4. Connect with peers across the University

Make those connections of a lifetime. You’ll get to meet other students in other faculties – and perhaps even your own.

“I met other people in my class, as well as the former Dean of Vet Science Professor Rosanne Taylor,” says Ping. “I had a great conversation with Professor Taylor about the program, and she gave me some tips.”

5. Beat homesickness

Attending a Welcome to Sydney event gives you the chance to meet other first year students who are new to the city of Sydney and know exactly what you are going through.

“It’s a big challenge when you arrive in a new country,” says Kalee. “Having something there for you like the Welcome to Sydney program was very comforting and it gave me a feeling of home away from home. I didn’t feel homesick at all because I was enjoying myself!”

So don’t delay, sign up to Welcome to Sydney today.

2 March 2018

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