Why everyone should see International Revue

29 March 2019
Crazy Broke Students promises to be student theatre for all
Benjamin (Benji) Tang, the Director and Vice-President of this year’s International Revue, talks about their upcoming show Crazy Broke Students, which is on at the Factory Theatre from 11 to 13 April.

What is International Revue?

"A revue is a light musical theatre performance, usually it’s a mix of satire, parodies and comedy in general. For International Revue, I wanted to take a different approach and focus not just on the comedy of life, but also zoom in on the real and confronting sides of being a student. There are a lot of things we all know, but if we can put those experiences on stage, it gives more expression and highlights it more profoundly."

What’s it about? Is there a theme?

"This year’s theme is Crazy Broke Students. We picked this theme because it’s very related for all students – we’re all broke, we’re all struggling with money. And some of us are definitely crazy. I found it was a good theme for our Revue to show that this is not just for international students, it’s for everyone. We also want people to realise that international students don’t just fall under one, generalised category. Everyone is crazy in their own way, and these differences make us stronger together. While we’ve had a lot of fun with this theme, we hope that our show can highlight the common struggles of both domestic and international students at university."

Is it only for international students?

"Absolutely not. A lot of people think it’s only for international students, but we’re trying to disprove that idea. International Revue is for anyone who wants to join, whether they’re domestic or international, we accept everyone. As part of the USU Identity Revue Season, our revue is not defined by which degree you’re studying, but rather accepts amazing talents from across all cultural backgrounds. Currently, our team is about 50/50 domestic and international students. I can’t stress enough that this is a revue for everyone, and we encourage you all to come see it."

How did you become the Director of International Revue?

"I started in the Revue last year. I was a cast member. My friend asked me if I wanted to audition and I said ‘okay, why not?’. I got into the Revue and I didn’t know what I was doing, but I ended up doing acting, singing and dancing. As I was rehearsing and performing, I realised I wanted to take it to the next step. I wanted to direct it and make something that I’ll be proud of when I look back on it."

What’s been your favourite part so far?

"Meeting new people and exploring their talents and abilities and making new friends. Writing scripts was one of my favourite things, until I had all of my units of study. My tip for future revue directors is to make sure you have a co-director who can help you. Directing is a lot of hard work but it also enlightens you, by teaching and giving advice to other actors on how to perform on stage."

What’s your advice to the cast for opening night?

"There’s one quote I keep telling our cast: ‘Do not let the stage own you, you own the stage.’ The spotlight is on you, show yourself to the audience. Don’t be afraid because everyone’s watching, just be yourself."

Crazy Broke Students: The 2019 International Revue is on at Fuse Box@The Factory Theatre, Marrickville from 11 to 13 April. Book your tickets.  

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