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8 steps to keep uni friends after semester ends

Turn your classmates into best mates

Classes have ended and exams are underway, but you’re not ready for your uni friendships to end. Here are some tips to help you stay connected over the break.

1. Break the ice 

Don't let a moment of awkwardness get in the way of striking up a conversation with your classmates! Who knows, breaking the ice could be the beginning of a lifelong friendship. 

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (International and Global Studies) student Liz Cheng says an easy way to break the ice is to talk about why you're all here - to study! 

"I found that the best way for me was to ask my classmates about what other subjects they’re taking at uni, and ask about their motivations behind that!"

2. Celebrate after your final exam

There's no better feeling post-exam knowing you don't have to study for the rest of the year and summer's just around the corner! So, why not share the good vibes and organise an end of year celebration with your classmates. 

"Having a good feed with friends after stressful final exams and assignments has always been my go-to celebration," says Liz. "You get to have a much more relaxing conversation over food and drinks once the pressure of looming deadlines is gone."

3. Bond over shared interests 

You and your classmates already have a few things in common - your area of study, what year you're in and what uni you go to. But, why not take it a step further and find out what their interests are outside of study. 

"You can also ask whether they’re a part of any clubs or societies, as it’s a pretty common way to meet new people," says Liz. "People are usually more open to discussing topics they’re interested in after all!" 

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There are so many ways to stay connected with your classmates over the summer break, from planning a beach day together to setting up a group chat on social media. 

4. Plan a summer activity together 

While La Niña might impact a beach day or two, there are still plenty of things you can do with your classmates over the summer - from getting brunch at your favourite café to catching a movie at the cinema. 

"I’ve gone on picnics with uni friends over the summer, and I find that it’s a really good way to experience the outside whilst having a chill conversation," recalls Liz. "One of my favourite picnics was one that was organised by my tutor, who encouraged everyone to bring cultural foods to share at Victoria Park."

5. Find out where they're from 

You never know your luck – your classmate might live right around the corner from you, resulting in easy hangouts or banter about your favourite local haunts. If not, it’s a great opportunity for you to explore new parts of Sydney. 

6. Try something new 

Meeting and connecting with new people often comes with experiencing new things. Why not embrace change with your uni friends and try a new food or new hobby this summer. 

"Once you leave the bubble that is high school, you’ll find that uni friends have so much more unique experiences and insights," says Liz. 

7. Look to the future 

Ask your classmates what units of study they’re thinking of doing next year, or make a shared New Year’s resolution to join a new club or society. It’ll give you an excuse to check in over the break and kick things off again next semester. 

8. Stay connected on social 

For Liz, keeping virtually connected with uni friends is an easy way to stay connected in real life. 

"I’ve added my classmates on both Facebook and Instagram, but I personally prefer the latter! I frequently comment on my friends’ ‘stories’ (videos or posts which last 24 hours) as it’s a very simple way to stay in touch. Moreover, posting stories is a very fun way for you to share an aspect of your life to everyone, some of which might also decide to reach out to you!"

Last updated: 16 November 2022

23 October 2019

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