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5 reasons you should join a club or society at university

Get involved in university life  

Want to meet like-minded people? Or develop a hobby or passion? Joining a university club or society lets you do this and so much more!

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Becoming an active part of a university group is a great way to get involved in the university community, meet new people and build new skills. Not convinced? Here are five reasons you should join a club or society at the University of Sydney. 

1. Make new friends 

Meeting new people can feel daunting but joining a university club or society is an easy, stress-free way to connect with people and form new friendships. Most clubs and societies host regular social events and activities, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know other students, many of whom have also joined to make friends at uni.  

The University of Sydney Union (USU) offers over 240 different clubs and societies, from faith and ethnocultural interests to performing arts and food, so you’re bound to find a group that shares your interests.  

If sports are more your speed, Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness have over 40 different sports clubs, from boxing to badminton, to cricket and canoeing.

2. Discover new interests

With so many clubs and societies to choose from, it’s hard to not find something you’re interested in. But, while it’s great to join groups that share your interests, it’s equally fun to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  

So, if you’ve never played Mahjong, why not learn by joining the Mahjong Society? Or, if you’ve never played lawn bowls before, why not join the Lawn Bowls Society?

3. Belong to a community 

Whether you’re new to Sydney or are just looking to get involved in the university community, joining a university club or society is a great way to form new connections and support networks.  

From interest-based clubs to societies for your area of study, you’re sure to find a group of people you can connect with and rely upon for academic and personal support.  

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4. Learn and practice skills 

Classes aren’t the only place on campus where you can learn and refine skills. Joining a university club or society gives you the opportunity to build new professional, academic and interest-based skills in a different setting – be it on the sports field or a shared community space.

Most employers are looking for evidence that you've applied the skills you've learnt in your studies in practice, and getting involved in a leadership role in a university club or society is a great way to do this, especially if you have limited time. 

5. It's easy to join

Finally, university clubs and societies are easy to join! All you need to join is a free USU membership, which you can sign up for online at any time. Some clubs and societies also may choose to require a small fee to join, which goes towards organising their activities. 

After joining, most student societies will share event details on social media or via newsletters, so make sure to stay up to date. 

Check out the USU’s clubs and societies list to see all available groups.

Last updated: 6 June 2023

11 February 2020

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