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Why study at the University of Sydney

Current students share the best parts about studying at Sydney
At the University of Sydney, our community draws students from more than 130 countries around the world. From choosing to come to Australia, to why they chose the University of Sydney and the best parts about life abroad, our current international students share their stories.

I wanted to study at one of the world’s top universities

Joey Zhu, international student from China

Joey Zhu, China
PhD Candidate, Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (First Class Honours)

“The ranking system is a convenient way of quantifying the quality of a university and the University of Sydney has been in the top 50 universities in the world for as long as I can remember. Sydney’s reputation precedes itself and studying at a globally recognised university was top of my criteria.

“As a student, the University has provided me with many opportunities. The friendships I’ve made have also been one of the best things about Sydney. People are welcoming and kind, which is so important when you’re settling into a new country.”

I was seeking access to world-class teaching, practical experiences and global exposure

Master of Sustainability student Midhili Ravikumar, international student from India

Midhili Ravikumar, India
Master of Sustainability

“The University of Sydney offered a world class multi-disciplinary master’s course in sustainability which covered both theoretical and practical aspects needed for a sustainability professional. It also gives me a global exposure since it attracts students from all over the world.

"I’ve most enjoyed meeting like-minded people who are passionate about sustainability. I also enjoy the insightful and thought-provoking lectures and conversations with my very knowledgeable professors.”

Sydney offers excellent value, in and out of the classroom

Engineering and Arts student Mack Perry, international student from the USA

Mack Perry, USA
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics major) and Bachelor of Arts (History major)

“I wanted to study at Sydney as Australia offers excellent value and education opportunities, and it has provided me with new experiences and the adventure of living overseas. The University of Sydney also gave me a chance to combine multi-disciplined engineering with my interest in expository writing.

“The lifestyle is hard to beat. People have a healthy work-life balance. Choosing to live on-campus at a residential college has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The community and friends I have here are incredible, and I have made lifelong memories with them.

“Plus, Sydney has wonderful people, beaches, food, art, music... what more could you ask for?”

The lifestyle is hard to beat. The community and friends I have here are incredible, and I've made life-long memories with them.
Mack Perry

I wanted to learn from the best in a welcoming and supportive community

Hazel Nguyen, international student from Vietnam

Nguyen Khuat Son Tra (Hazel Nguyen), Vietnam
Bachelor of Commerce

“I love the campus vibe. The University of Sydney is the oldest university in Australia with unique architecture that made me want to be a part of it. It’s ranked 4th in the world for employability and its programs offer flexibility.

“For first-year students, especially international students, it can be concerning worrying about how to get involved and make good friends. I only have three years and I want to spend them wisely, with the right people. I know the University is a place that attracts lots of amazing and excellent individuals. From what I have experienced here, I have learned how much the lecturers care for their students and I feel supported by my classmates as well, many blessing each other to stay safe during this time. I have also joined societies, which have found ways to stay online.

“My advice to new students ready to start now is to think of COVID-19 as a challenge, instead of bad luck. We are all trying hard to get through this, and believing in yourself and also others is important. We can still acknowledge and take advantage of the opportunities that this period of time offers us to move forward to a brighter future.”

Australia is a safe and friendly place to expand your horizons

Ananya Duvvuri, India, Bachelor of Commerce

“I always wanted to get out of my comfort zone and see how independent I could become.

“Australia is a safe and friendly society, for students to live, learn and travel. You’ll meet students from across the world, and there’s a lot to learn from each other. I love working and living in the hustle and bustle environment of this city.

“The resources that are available and the range of clubs and societies have made my transition really smooth and I’m well settled into university life. The professors are accessible and open, and the teaching quality is excellent. My biggest struggle right now is to fit all of my experiences on my resume!

“The advice I’d love to give to future students is to expand your horizons and go beyond your current limits. The opportunities the university provides are endless, and really rewarding.”

The University’s industry connections and career support are setting me up for my career

Master of Commerce student Annabella Irene, international student from Indonesia

Annabella Irene, Indonesia
Master of Commerce (Big Data and Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

“Thanks to the network opportunities offered by the Job Smart Program, I was able to earn an internship in the Analytics and Cognitive consulting division at Deloitte. With a passion for emerging technologies and data, I am excited by the opportunity to understand the different issues clients face in the real world.

“The program was beneficial for me as it provided me with value feedback on my resume. By networking with a wide range of professionals, I developed my business acumen and received advice on how to professionally present myself to potential employers with confidence and proactiveness.”

Thanks to the people and campus life, I've had some of my greatest experiences here

Science and Medicine student Judd Zhan, international student from New Zealand

Judd Zhan, New Zealand
Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine

“Sydney is a medium sized city, great climate with a really accommodating environment. There are a plethora of activities to do and the University of Sydney has an amazing campus! People in Australia are really friendly! In particular, all my friends that I have met have contributed greatly to my personal development. I currently reside at International House, an accommodation where I have had some of the greatest experiences in my whole life.

“My double degree course is giving me plenty of scope to search for a passion. Though I am still considering options for the future, I would love to pursue a job in the tech industry. For me, tech seems like such an invigorating field to enter as it is constantly changing, evolving and is always fresh! My degree is preparing me very effectively, learning many different languages in computer science while keeping my mind sharp through financial maths.”

30 June 2020

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