What you need to know about five day simple extensions

19 August 2022
We’ve made changes to simple extensions to better support students
You can now apply for a simple extension of five calendar days from your assessment due date, replacing the previous two-day simple extension.

What is a simple extension? How is it different to special consideration?

A simple extension is all in the name – it’s an extension of five calendar days from the original due date of an assessment, to support students who have experienced illness, injury or misadventure. Unlike special consideration, you don’t need supporting evidence such as a medical certificate. For assignments, you need to fill out a student declaration to support your request, explaining what is preventing you from submitting.

So what’s changed?

Previously, simple extensions were for two calendar days, meaning students who needed a few extra days to recover had to apply through the special consideration process. To better support students, we’ve extended simple extensions to five calendar days. This change has been made as part of the Coursework Policy (PDF, 584KB). Students should be aware that the simple extension process depends on your assessment type.

How do I apply for a simple extension for an assignment?

Picture this – you’ve got an assignment due in a few days, and you’ve woken up with a fever and a headache. You’ve just tested positive for COVID and you know you’re not going to get your essay done in time to the best of your ability. If you have an assignment such as an essay or report, you can now apply for a simple extension of five days through the special consideration portal with a student declaration.

There are few things to keep in mind when applying for simple extensions:

  • You can’t use this system for group work
  • They can’t be used for short release assignments
  • You have to apply before the assignment due date
  • Giving false information in a student declaration will result in a misconduct investigation.

What about in-class assessments and quizzes?

If you’re unable to attend an in-person assessment such as a quiz or a small test, you may be able to receive a five-day extension from your unit of study coordinator.

To arrange a simple extension for a quiz or test, you’ll need to email your unit of study coordinator and receive written confirmation of your extension. 

For group work and short release assignments, you should talk to your Unit of Study coordinator.

Where can I find more information about simple extensions?

Visit the Student website for detailed information about simple extensions, special consideration and how to apply. 

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