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6 ways to step up your study game

Sail through semester with these tools and programs
See exams on the horizon? List of due dates increasing? Learning support offers loads of helpful services to keep you on track. Take advantage of these lesser-known tools and services to help you succeed this semester.

1. Help yourself with the Learning Hub

Struggling with essay writing, grammar or using evidence in your assignments? The Learning Hub offers online modules to clarify common issues students encounter and guide you in your academic tasks. The Canvas modules are self-paced, and you can do as many or as few as you need. If you find you need further help or have questions, you can book in for a workshop at the Learning Hub. 

2. Get to the Library

Sometimes you just need to sit down and write, right? If you’re constantly finding excuses to stall your study, the Library runs focused writing sessions where you will literally be made to sit down and fous. These workshops introduce you to the Pomodoro technique, proven to beat procrastination and make you more productive. Check out the Library calendar to see when the next session is.

3. Have you met Lynda?

Well if you haven’t, you definitely should. Lynda will get you ahead of the game with your choice of thousands of video based online courses. You can become an Excel magician, a master of time management, or you can even learn how to become an Instagram expert. It’s free for Sydney Uni students – just log in with your UniKey and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge at your disposal.

4. Support that adds up

Not all of us are born with the mathematical genius of good Will Hunting, so thankfully the Learning Hub (Mathematics) runs workshops, extra tutorials and one-on-one assistance for undergrad students enrolled in maths and statistics units. Often just going over things you aren’t sure about is the best way to build your academic confidence and subtract any doubt.

Good Will Hunting doing maths

Image credit: Blog Will Hunting.

5. PASS your exams

If you’re studying Law or Business, you should try Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS). It’s a free learning program led by trained facilitators who topped the same units of study you’re currently enrolled in. PASS allows you to study effectively with your peers, get feedback and advice, and make friends while you’re at it.

6. Don’t forget to treat yo self with a break

Sometimes it’s best to help yourself. In stressful times it’s important to make sure you look after yourself. Go for a stroll, grab a coffee with friends, kick back and listen to music… you’re the expert at helping yourself to a mental break between the bouts of study. You do you. 

23 April 2018

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