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Why student accommodation might be right for you

21 October 2020
Live the full university experience
It's a great time to explore whether living on campus is right for you. Whether you're looking to make friends, get involved in cultural events or just want to be close to campus, University accommodation remains a fun, safe and affordable option.

Location, location, location

Forget a long, daily commute. Living on-campus means that your classrooms and all the facilities the University has to offer are only a short walk away. Bachelor of Information Technology student, Angel Meredith, lives in Darlington Terrace which means every day her classes are right outside her door.

“The School of Computer Science was just a stroll down the road from my house, which was super convenient for me – I even had classes at the ABS building right behind the Terraces.”

Living on campus also means that all the amenities and facilities the Uni has to offer are also nearby, whether you need to access one of the libraries to study or you are a gym junky looking for easy access to Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness.

You’ll also be right next to iconic suburbs like Newtown, Glebe and Redfern, and easy access to the city. Being close to the bustle of Newtown was a major factor in Bachelor of Commerce student, Amir Sidhu’s, decision to live in the Abercrombie Student Accommodation.

“One of the best aspects of living at a USYD student accommodation is that everything is located so close to the accommodation. They are located right next to Newtown and Broadway that have everything available, from groceries to great places to eat.”

Make new friends and networks

For many students, university offers the chance to make new friends and networks from all over the world and living on campus is one of the best ways to do this.  

“A highlight of my stay here in the Darlington Terraces is being able to live with people from various ethnicities. In the past years, I have resided with East Timorese, Filipinos, and Cambodian postgraduates from whom I have learned a multitude of valuable lessons from. My experience with them has led me to become more aware of their beliefs and customs and accepting of their worldviews,” said Angel. 

Zoe Lo, a second-year Bachelor of Commerce student, found on-campus accommodation invaluable in meeting new friends in the Queen Mary Building.

“I've lived in Queen Mary Building for a year and a half now and in the second semester of my first year, I became an RA. The best part of living here is that I've found my 'tribe'. I have friendships that will carry out even after we've all moved out.”

 A cure for homesickness

For many students, international or domestic, living in on-campus accommodation is their first experience living away from home. This means learning a lot of new things away from friends and family and can create a sense of homesickness.

Despite feeling anxious about meeting new people, Amar was quickly about to meet a number of new people and made friends.

“Living away from home for the first time, I was very nervous interacting with people I had never met before. The social events run by the accommodation made it so easy to meet people and break the ice. The atmosphere at the student accommodation makes you feel like you never left home and is the best way to alleviate any homesickness.”

Similarly, Angel struggled at first to adjust to living away from home. But taking it one step at a time and taking advantage of the connections she made through accommodation, she was soon able to overcome these fears.

“It was a big step leaving my family behind to achieve my dreams. I was stepping out of my comfort zone and into unknown territory. Although it was very challenging – feeling homesick, depressed and having some difficulty socialising – but every step in life is meant to challenge you to become a better individual.”

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