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Friends sitting together overlooking a mountain view

Study abroad and exchange

Study overseas with Australia's largest student mobility program
Study abroad, make lifelong friends and set yourself up for a global career with a virtual or in-person international student exchange program.

Why study overseas?

Whether you’re an international student interested in coming to Australia, or an Australian student contemplating combining study and travel, you’ll be assured of an amazing, life-changing experience.

See the world and visit a dream destination

The world is a big place and lucky for us (and you) we have exchange partners in nearly every corner of it. Take a look at our list of dream destinations to experience virtually or in-person. 

Coming to Australia? We have a beautiful country and we are based in the middle of the dynamic Sydney city. You’ll find that Sydney is not only a fantastic beachside location, but is also a great base for exploring greater Australia and our neighbouring countries.

Life in Sydney

Hone your language skills and immerse yourself in a new culture

Learn some key phrases (or more), try a national dish, try a new dance, learn to cook, experiment with clothing choices… there is a lot encompassed by the word 'culture' and many new things that you will try when studying overseas!


Make lifelong friends

Studying overseas is an amazing experience and you are likely to form strong bonds with those you share the experience with. Friends make every experience better!


Discover new confidence and independence

Challenge what you thought you knew about yourself, try many new things for the first time, and really get an understanding of that phrase 'personal development'.


Get credit towards your degree

You'll do all of the above, get credit towards your degree and study at a world-class university. Seems like a pretty good deal…


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