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SEI employment pathways workshop: NGOs

As the effects of global climate change become increasingly clear, more and more students are seeking careers that will have a positive environmental impact.

Postgraduate students and supervisors are invited to join this interactive workshop on career pathways in the environmental NGO sector. The workshop will walk students through the kinds of roles available in the sector and the concrete steps that they might take during their candidature to position themselves competitively. Students will have the opportunity to hear from three panelists who have considerable experience in the sector,  about their own journey, their motivations, and advice for navigating the NGO space.

Please note this workshop is for University of Sydney postgraduate students and supervisors only.

This workshop is coordinated by Michelle St Anne, Deputy Director at the Sydney Environment Institute, and Associate Professor Thom van Dooren, from the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney.

This event was presented online on Tuesday 21 September 2021.


David Ritter is the Chief Executive Officer of Greenpeace Australia Pacific (GPAP). He has been with Greenpeace for nine years, campaigning to secure an earth capable of nurturing life in all its amazing diversity. Prior to GPAP, David worked in a senior campaigns position with Greenpeace in London for five years, working on the global issues of destructive fishing, deforestation and climate change. Prior to joining Greenpeace, David worked as an academic and a lawyer in both commercial and native title practices. He is an Honorary Associate of the Sydney Environment Institute.

Nathaniel Pelle is the Business and Biodiversity Campaign Lead at the Australian Conservation Foundation, transforming the way businesses value, manage, and invest in nature in Australia. He is an experienced campaigner and strategist who has led Australian and international campaigns on sustainable agriculture, fishing, corporate sustainability policy, commodity supply chains, and oil and gas exploration. He is the former head of Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s Oceans and Oil campaigns where he recently led its project to protect the Great Australian Bight, including a collaboration with SEI. He is an Honorary Associate of the Sydney Environment Institute.

Alix Pearce leads campaigns for one of Australia’s leading climate communications, advocacy and research organisations, the Climate Council. Prior to this she worked as a campaigns and strategic policy consultant for a range of purpose-driven organisations. Alix has also been the Director of Policy and Campaigns for the Consumer Action Law Centre, leading a team of policy professionals, campaigners and communicators in the wake of the Banking Royal Commission. She was also Founder and Director of the Cities Power Partnership, the biggest climate and energy program for cities in the country. Alix was awarded Campaign/Marketing Executive of the year at the 2018 Third Sector awards and serves as a Board Director for Not-For-Profit Global Voices.

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