27 March 2023

A future of political theory, when justice is multispecies

What does justice for all Earth beings look like in 2050? In a Special Issue of Political Theory, SEI researchers reflect back from an imagined future world where justice extends beyond the human, and our planet is once again thriving.
23 March 2023

Examining climate change resilience through serious games

We hear from 2023 Honours Research Fellow Grace Barrett-Lennard on her research into the governance of climate disasters and flood resilience planning in the Philippines.
13 March 2023

The politics of an unsettled energy transition

SEI researchers Sophie Webber and Gareth Bryant highlight the key challenges of land, labour and finance in achieving a renewable energy transition in Australia.
07 March 2023

Introducing SEI Postdoctoral Research Fellow Justin See

We hear from 2022 SEI Postdoctoral Research Fellow Justin See about his work on transformative approaches to climate adaptation and justice, and what he is excited about in his new role with SEI.
02 March 2023

Wicked governance problems and experimentation for decarbonisation

SEI researcher Kate Owens’ pioneering research examines how governance frameworks can produce the scale of activity and coordination required for decarbonisation by increasing the speed and impact of experimentation.