27 November 2023

Now open: 2024 Iain McCalman Honours Research Award

Applications are open for the 2024 Iain McCalman Honours Research Award. Eligible students can apply to receive a bursary of $2,000 and unique access to the Macleay Collections, in the Chau Chak Wing Museum at the University of Sydney.
27 November 2023

Applications are open for SEI’s 2024 Honours Research Fellowship Program

The honours fellowship is open to eligible University of Sydney students who are interested in multidisciplinary research around critical environmental issues.
23 November 2023

Planning for future disasters: frontline communities key to building resilience

As the country braces for a record hot summer, SEI research highlights the importance of integrating community networks and knowledge, with formal disaster planning.
22 November 2023

Considering the virtues of the virtual academic conference

New research by SEI and partners considers the many potentials of virtual conferences beyond carbon and financial cost reduction, including the opportunities online events present for creating more inclusive spaces for collaboration.
20 November 2023

Towards a coherent energy transition: expanding renewables while sustaining community wellbeing

Where do the synergies and tensions lie on the road to a coherent transition away from fossil fuels in Australia? Researchers have outlined some key recommendations for navigating the way forward.
16 November 2023

Is there a formula for career success in academia?

Freya Grace MacDonald describes the enablers and obstacles on the pathway to success for early career researchers, as they navigate challenges both within and outside of academia.
15 November 2023

Announcing SEI's Indigenous environmental studies Honours scholarship

Applications are open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who plan to engage with Sydney Environment Institute's research themes as part of their Honours study.

09 November 2023

Multispecies justice article wins Environmental Politics Article of the Year

Sydney Environment Institute member Dr Blanche Verlie has won article of the year.
01 November 2023

Critical minerals for the future

Globally, countries are racing to secure the finite mineral supplies needed for the transition to low-carbon economies. The recent Critical Minerals Symposium considered how this rapid shift in resource competition will shape our world.