22 May 2023

The ethics of modifying animal behaviours for conservation

SEI researchers have collaborated on the first overview of the ethical challenges raised by modifying animal behaviours to achieve conservation outcomes.
09 May 2023

The RBA Review: A missed opportunity for climate transitions

SEI researchers Sophie Webber and Gareth Bryant analyse the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Review and its missed opportunity to outline a modern role for the RBA in addressing climate change and supporting a low carbon transition in coordination with fiscal and regulatory authorities.
02 May 2023

Climate change and social capital: Professor Daniel Aldrich visits SEI

Leading political scientist Daniel Aldrich emphasised the importance of strong social relationships in building community resilience in the face of climate disasters.
01 May 2023

Building resilience to the mental health impacts of climate change in rural Australia

Climate anxiety and the mental health and well-being impacts of extreme weather-related events are of growing concern globally. In Australia, rural communities in particular are dealing with unprecedented drought, fires and floods every few weeks. The mental health and well-being impacts of such climate change induced events are numerous. However, little is known about what promotes the resilience of rural communities to these impacts.