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Transition and transformation

How do we navigate to a more sustainable future?

When talking about climate change, the focus is most often on the climate side, and the ecological changes we face given current emissions trajectories.

The focus of our Transition and Transformation theme is on the social, economic, political, and cultural changes we face from these ecological shifts. Research in this theme addresses the myriad ways communities, states, and nations must respond and transform in order to survive, evolve, transition, and adapt in a climate-changed and climate-challenged world.

CSIRO’s 2022 report on Our Future World identified key global megatrends in the coming years, two of which focus specifically on the challenges of climate change - the challenge of adapting to a changing climate, and the need to develop ‘leaner, cleaner, and greener’. Our Transition and Transformation work takes these challenges seriously and substantively. We address the necessary energy transformation – not just technologically, but in terms of what that transition means for communities. We examine the shift to renewables and the development of new resources and supply chains. And our Climate Disaster and Adaptation cluster explores the impacts of climate disasters – and the just and democratic pathways communities can design to protect themselves and transform human impacts on global and local environments.

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