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ASEAN in Focus 2023

Managing Political Crisis in ASEAN
Now in its eleventh iteration, this year’s ASEAN in Focus event looks at what ASEAN needs to do to manage crisis among it's member states and with global powers.

When: Thursday 24 August 2023, 15:00-17:30 (AEST)
Where: Social Sciences Building (A02) Room 650, University of Sydney

The question of how to navigate political crisis remains at the core of ASEAN diplomacy and manifests itself vis-à-vis internal conflict in member-states or geopolitical tensions between global powers. While non-alignment has been a core principle for ASEAN, mounting internal and external pressures are calling for new and more forceful directions in navigating political crises in the region. The situation in Myanmar has already prompted ASEAN to forge an exceptional deviation from its non-interference principle, when ASEAN leaders agreed to the Five-Point Consensus on Myanmar in 2021. Moreover, now more than ever, it seems that ASEAN can play a substantive role in channelling diplomatic efforts between the US and China.

Are there signs that Indonesia, as current chair of ASEAN, can step into this mediating role? How can ASEAN reach a new modus vivendi while remaining committed to non-interference? And finally, as the promises of the new Australian government to increase political attention and economic investment in Southeast Asia take shape, where does Australia sit in these diplomatic efforts? The ASEAN in Focus roundtable will engage these questions by bringing together experts on and from the region.

The panel for this event:

  • Dr Avery Poole School of Politics and International Relations, Monash University
  • Dr Siswo Pramono Ambassador of Indonesia to Australia and Vanuatu
  • Mr Thomas Soem Asia Society Australia
  • Professor Sonja van Wichelen (chair) Sydney Southeast Asia Centre

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