Cohen Roundtable

SSEAC Roundtable – Human Rights and Sustainability

Hear and learn from Professor David Cohen’s research and work in discussing the future of the ASEAN region amidst grand challenges.

This roundtable with Professor David Cohen (Stanford University) explores how the intersection of human rights, security, economic development, and sustainability intersect in ASEAN. 

These intersections are evident in many issues troubling Southeast Asia today: the environmental and food security crisis on the Lower Mekong Subregion, the impact of rising seas and environmental degradation, tensions around the South China Sea, and continuing conflict on migration, labour exploitation, and human trafficking. Great power rivalry between the U.S. and China are complicating regional organisations such as ASEAN to adequately address these critical concerns.

Professor David Cohen is a leading expert in the fields of human rights, international law and transitional justice, as well as one of the world's leading social and legal historians of ancient Greece. Cohen taught at UC Berkeley from 1979-2012 as the Ancker Distinguished Professor for the Humanities and served as the founding Director of the Berkeley War Crimes Studies Centre, which moved to Stanford in 2013 and became the Centre for Human Rights and International Justice. Cohen holds the WSD-HANDA Professorship in Human Rights and International Justice and is appointed in the Classics department at Stanford. He is also appointed as Professor of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems in the Department of Environmental Behaviour Sciences at Stanford’s Doerr School of Sustainability. In Southeast Asia he has worked with governmental institutions, civil society organisations, and universities in Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand on legal reform, transitional justice, human trafficking, and other issues.

This event is catered and spots are limited. Please only register if you are sure you are able to attend in-person.

When:          Tuesday, 23 October 2023

Time:           12 – 1.30 pm (Sydney time)

Where:        R.D. Watt Building (A04), room 200, the University of Sydney 

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