We partner with government, industry, and NGOs

Our mission is to build capacity in Southeast Asia. We provide training and education programs for civil society, share knowledge through academic partnerships and provide expertise in industry partnerships.

International partnerships

We partner with governments, industry, non-government organisations and universities in Southeast Asia in support of the University of Sydney’s strategic aim to become an internationally recognised leader in facilitating international research collaborations that enable meaningful social change.

From these partnerships come new pathways for research cooperation, staff mobility and student exchange.

The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre has a number of high-profile partnerships in Southeast Asia through which we engage as peers and provide a form of outreach. We believe in the power of partnerships to bring together the best researchers from our region to work collaboratively and find solutions.

One of our key functions is showcasing the University’s wide-ranging expertise on Southeast Asia to international visitors to Sydney. We host visiting dignitaries including government ministers, parliamentarians, and university delegations.

Community partnerships

We believe it’s our mandate, as a world-class research centre, to create a platform for discussion around issues affecting Southeast Asia. Our public events bring together academics and policymakers across disciplines to address real-world problems affecting the region. We offer a broad spectrum of public seminars co-hosted by community partners that generate important discussions in academic and policy spheres.

As part of our commitment to engaging the Australian community in Southeast Asia, we offer grants to Australian schools striving to improve student knowledge on Southeast Asia. The grants fuel interest in Southeast Asian culture and help build understanding between Australia and some of its closest neighbours, creating the foundations for long-term relations.

Industry partnerships

We work with industry partners on projects specific to the region that bring about meaningful social change.

Our work has great potential and many applications, across many fields of study – our goal is to unite with partners recognising the value of our expertise, ideas and unique insights.

We have partnered with industry leaders such as Baker and McKenzie and PwC Australia to present the ASEAN Business Forum. We engage with business experts on the importance and challenges of doing business in the region.

How to become a partner

  • If you are a prospective international partner, please contact us or the Office of Global Engagement to assist with your partnership enquiries.
  • If you are a prospective community partner, please contact us to assist with hosting an event.
  • If you’re looking for an expert, a facility or equipment to conduct testing, or seeking to outsource research programs, we offer flexible standard agreements to help streamline and expedite the partnership process. We invite you to submit an enquiry through the University’s office of Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships.
  • You may also wish to consider supporting a government-subsidised research project and access research and development tax concessions through ARC Linkage Projects. You can find information on ARC linkage Projects on the University Research fellowships and grants page.