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Sastra Now

Indonesian literature for the world, the world for Indonesian literature

Sastra Now is an Australian network consisting of academics, teachers, writers, students, and members of the community with an interest in Indonesian literatures of all genres and periods.

‘Indonesian literatures’ include contemporary Indonesian, classical Malay, Javanese, Balinese, and other regional literatures. The network holds an open forum in which members read and discuss literary works. Discussions include various aspects of literary history, style, gender, authenticity, authorship, translation, and the role of technology in the production and reception of literature.

Our aims:

  • To promote Indonesian literatures among academics, students, schools, and the wider community through informal discussions and formal events (e.g., literary readings, symposia, conferences)
  • To promote the work on Indonesian literatures by Australia-based scholars and writers
  • To encourage research collaboration in the field of Indonesian literatures
  • To serve as a point of contact for industry and organisations interested in Indonesian literatures (e.g., for the purposes of publishing original works and/or translation)
  • To foster a link with schools in order to promote and support the teaching of literature in the Indonesian language curriculum