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Unit of study_

NTDT5612: Dietetics Training Placement

During experiential placement students develop further knowledge and skills in each of three areas of nutrition and dietetic practice; individual case management, community and public health nutrition and food service management. The 20-week semester commences late January (Semester 1) or late June/early July (Semester 2). Individual case management will take place in a variety of acute and ambulatory settings allowing exposure to a variety of medical nutrition cases that affect different body systems. Settings include hospitals, aged care facilities, disability services, mental health services and private practice. Community and public health settings include health promotion units in government, non-government and private health organisations. Food service settings include acute care health facilities, aged care, and community and commercial food service organisations providing services to vulnerable population, groups such as meals on wheels. Placement supervisors are Accredited Practising Dietitians (APD) and trained to ensure they meet the standards of supervision required by the University of Sydney. Placements can be in metropolitan or rural settings, inter- and intra-state.

Code NTDT5612
Academic unit Nursing and Midwifery
Credit points 24
NTDT5601 and NTDT5503 and NTDT5604 and (NTDT5602 or FMHU5001) and NTDT5305 and NTDT5307 and NTDT5608

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. practise professionally
  • LO2. positively influence the health of individuals, groups and/or populations
  • LO3. apply critical thinking skills and integrate evidence into practice
  • LO4. collaborate with clients and stakeholders
  • LO5. attain Dietitians Australia National Competency Standards for entry-level dietitians (DA 2021).