Answers to the most common questions asked by our patients about pet care

No. You can bring your pet to the Emergency hospital at any time without an appointment. We don’t need to have seen your pet previously to this visit. If you can, call ahead so we can best help you on arrival.

The emergency department 24 hours, 7 days a week including weekends and public holidays.

Like all emergency veterinary hospitals, we charge an emergency consultation fee to see your pet when they arrive.

Following the examination, the veterinarian will outline the diagnosis and any recommended treatments. The cost of these will be explained to you before going ahead with any further treatment.

Prior to treatment commencing, you will be asked to pay 50% of the initial estimated cost at the time of presentation, and the balance of funds at the time of discharge home.

Yes we do! You can read about our payment options or ask our team.

We prioritise pets, based on the severity of their condition when they enter the hospital so we can treat all patients with the best level of care. We appreciate your patience.

We’ve included the categories below to give you an idea, however, the triage nurse will confirm once they have seen your pet:

Category 1: Resuscitation

  • E.g. breathing difficulties, collapse, severe trauma

Category 2: Emergency

  • e.g. shock, severe bleeding, seizures

Category 3: Urgent

  • e.g. Wounds, repeated vomiting, pain

Category 4: Semi-urgent

  • e.g. Acute head tilt, unsteady walking

Category 5: Non-urgent

  • e.g. Skin irritation, mild diarrhoea, abscess

The emergency team will request for you to fill out an emergency treatment authorisation form if your pet requires further medical attention after the initial triage. This is to provide the emergency vet with any important information about your pet (previous conditions, allergies, etc), and if you approve to the basic emergency treatment before the full treatment plan is outlined.

A triage nurse will assess your pet in the reception area if your pet presents with an emergency. If it is deemed necessary for your pet to see the emergency vet, they will be taken through to the emergency department. We ask all owners to remain in the waiting area until they are called to the consult room by the vet.

We appreciate this can be distressing to be separated from your pet. However, we need to treat them quickly, in a sterile environment, without owners. Much like you would expect in a human hospital.

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