21 September 2020

Master of Architecture: your pathway to registration

Want to study architecture or the built environment? As Australia’s top-ranked school in the field* we’ve got big news: we’ve introduced a new Master of Architecture offering. Read about it here.
10 September 2020

Student spotlight: learning to think creatively and lead by design

Portia has always been “fascinated by the intersection of technology, people and business” leading her to pursue postgraduate studies in Design at the University of Sydney.
27 August 2020

Blurring the boundaries between art and architecture

Artist Chris Fox, today unveiled a new large-scale sculpture, Interchange Pavilion, in South Eveleigh's reimagined Village Square inspired by the site's industrious heritage and history of the area.
05 August 2020

"I'm not addicted!" Kids have a right to play - even digitally

Children adopt the word "addicted" to describe a game as fun or to say how long they played it. But adults use it as a pathology - and that can harm kids.
10 July 2020

Designing solutions for real-world challenges

Students from the University of Sydney collaborated on applying design principles to real-world problems, developing solutions and pitching ideas in a 7-week design studio challenge.
02 July 2020

Designing online learning

Design students are not foreign to the world of digital. This gave them a solid foundation for the transition to online learning. Here, current students tell us a bit about their #usydonline experience.
15 June 2020

Making pressure glowingly obvious

A team of undergraduate students who envisioned a new way to harness design and biotechnology, has been selected as a finalist to present at the Virtual Biodesign Challenge Summit.
10 June 2020

Shaping a world class architecture program

Three leading architectural practitioners with diverse professional backgrounds have been appointed by the School of Architecture, Design and Planning. These appointments will contribute to, and further shape, one of Australia's most exciting architecture programs.
26 March 2020

Why suspending housing evictions will defend against COVID-19

University of Sydney researchers believe the COVID-19 pandemic is a double crisis affecting public health and the economy with both aspects playing out in our housing system.
10 March 2020

School of Architecture, Design & Planning announces inaugural Rothwell Chair

A major gift from alumni Garry and Susan Rothwell established the Garry and Susan Rothwell Chair in Architectural Design Leadership. French architecture studio Lacaton & Vassal Architectes will share the inaugural, three-year Rothwell Chair appointment.