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  • The University is ranked first in Australia and fourth in the world for graduate employability in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2017.

Where can a degree in design take you?

12 June 2021
Study design at the University of Sydney
Sydney design graduates are in high demand. Their skills in design thinking coupled with technical skills make them highly sought after by a range of employers, from digital startups to major multinational corporations.

Our design programs provide new skills for the industry leaders of tomorrow. When you study with us, you will gain a toolbox of skills ranging from digital media production and user experience (UX) design through to visual design, effective communication and critical thinking. We offer a range of programs, from undergraduate to specialist postgraduate qualifications. Each one supports a variety of career pathways and personal ambitions:

Change-makers: Design grads now industry leaders

Alumni Paul Rogers with VR goggles

“Through connections from the Design Lab, I was offered a role in PwC Australia’s newly formed Technology Innovation Team. Our role is to explore and experiment with emerging and innovative technologies. One area we’ve been exploring is virtual and augmented reality – a field that is currently exploding.” 
Paul Rogers

Manager – Solutions Innovator & ‘Hacker’, PwC Australia
Bachelor of Design Computing, 2006

Photo of girl with donuts covering her eyes

“I don’t think people realise all the amazing career opportunities this degree opens you up to. More companies are realising and harnessing the power of design, and designers are now sitting at the table in strategic discussions.”

Britt Friede
Product Designer, Facebook, San Francisco
Bachelor of Design Computing, 2015

Photo of female designer with laptop

“I was drawn to the degree because it combined technology and IT with a focus on people, their emotions and experiences. Since graduating I’ve always worked in the field of interaction design or UX. I started out in agency, small business and consulting before moving to design in the corporate world.”

Stephanie Grace
Interaction Designer, Bloomberg LP, New York

Bachelor of Design Computing (Hons, 1st Class), 2009

“The program covers a broad range of design principles, which ultimately helped me to realise my passion for motion picture visual effects. A career highlight was working on Avengers: Age of Ultron and Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Arthur Jing
Virtual Art Department Proxy Modeller, Weta Digital

Bachelor of Design Computing, 2011

“The degree combined two of my greatest interests – technology and design, and is unique in its offering. I had always been keen to explore the creative agency side of marketing (aka ‘The Dark Side’). The opportunity arose in 2011 when I was asked to establish and lead the digital team at Metropolis.”

Helena Dodd
Head of Digital, Metropolis

Bachelor of Design Computing, 2005

“The studio work in this course forces you to consider the brief and understand user needs. It sets you up to be a great project manager as well as technically skilled at the design aspects.”

Andrea Lau
Data Visualisation Specialist, Director, Small Multiples

Bachelor of Design Computing (Hons, 1st Class), University Medal, 2008

“The MIDEA course imparted a wide range of technical skills and design principles that developed me into a holistic designer. From conceptualisation to prototyping, my proficiency in the various software and hardware required to design and program digital solutions was increased tremendously through constant practice in the studio-based learning environment.

“Surrounded by an amazing batch of highly driven students and academics, I was also challenged to always push my limits and found great joy in developing my own design style. Needless to say, from both theoretical and practical perspectives, I am now more prepared and confident to take on future career progression.”

Hong An Louis Chew
Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts
PhD Candidate, Design Lab

"The Masters’ degree helps you stand out as someone passionate about digital design. Through the course I was introduced to the PwC VR internship, which has resulted in fulltime employment. I have entered into a career focused on virtual and augmented reality. I want to push the boundaries of what is real vs virtual."

Hugh Gaukroger
Virtual & Augmented Reality Team Lead, PwC Australia

Master of Interaction Design and Electronics Arts

Design Graduate, Michael Ford

Michael Ford started out building laser-cut prototypes in the Design, Modelling and Fabrication (DMaF) Lab at the University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning. He is now the Creative Director of Technology at Ogilvy Sydney, harnessing technology to bring people closer together, on a global scale.

All businesses need to continually create new value for their customers. Design is the discipline of creating new value, so I believe an understanding of design will become at least as important as accounting, law and marketing – and a Master of Design will become the new MBA for innovation and strategy.
Crighton Nichols PhD, Cross-cultural design and innovation, 2014, Director, Digital Innovation and Head of Business Engagement, PwC Australia

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