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01 August 2019

Three reasons to stick with maths

Studying maths is likely to make you smarter and more employable, according to University of Sydney experts.
01 August 2019

Why intercountry adoption needs a rethink

In a globalising world where new family structures are emerging and evolving, a University of Sydney scholar is calling for a reassessment of the regulations around intercountry adoption.
17 July 2019

Sydney rises in Times Higher Education global reputation ranking

The University of Sydney has moved into second place in Australia in the 2019 Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings.
10 July 2019

Over $1.5 million in ARC funding awarded to Sydney researchers

Disaster risk reduction practices to assist people with disabilities and relationship-building practices that foster lifelong connections for children in permanent care are two of four projects that have received funding through the federal government's ARC Linkage Project scheme.
08 July 2019

Scholarships open for 2020 UN Commission on the Status of Women

Addressing gender equality and the empowerment of women across the globe.
05 July 2019

Moving beyond the human: multispecies justice and philosophy

In an age where logging is bringing about the potential extinction of orangutans – with whom we share 97% of our DNA – and the Murray Darling fish kills have farmers talking about the ethics of water, two philosophers are rethinking ideas of justice.
04 July 2019

Espionage and warfare in the digital age

The Centre for International Security Studies 'Global Forum' series explores surveillance, cyberweapons and a new precariousness in global politics.
02 July 2019

Without data justice, digital government reform puts homeless at risk

Homeless people become increasingly smartphone dependent as government services go digital, replacing shopfronts with online self-management portals. Digital reform needs to address data affordability for a fair and inclusive welfare system.
01 July 2019

Top of the class

Murat Dizdar helps nurture some 800,000 students across more than 2,200 NSW schools. And it all started with a Bachelor of Education at the University of Sydney.
01 July 2019

Art School alumnus: Experimental rocker turns abstract artist

Acclaimed contemporary artist and alumnus Jonny Niesche reflects on devising and developing his distinctive aesthetic at Sydney College of the Arts.