28 February 2020

Development and environmental management in modern India

Working with NGOs to solve wildlife management issues and assessing sustainable farming practices were some of the learning experiences political economy and geography students gained, as part of the recent India Field School.
25 February 2020

How should world leaders protect us?

A total fire ban was declared for NSW on the smoke-drenched evening last November when Professor Ole Wæver gave a talk “Hope vs Fear: climate change as a security issue”. When his six-month SSSHARC fellowship ended in January, he had watched the most destructive bushfires in Australia’s history turn the country into a dramatic case study for his theory.
14 February 2020

Can machines imitate human intelligence?

As rapid technological advances bring artificial intelligence into our daily life, the public imagination is still dominated by a Romantic fear that machines will take over the world.
06 February 2020

Centre for International Security Studies climbs global rankings

The Centre for International Security Studies (CISS) has again climbed in global rankings to reach second in Australia and 32nd in the world for best university-affiliated think tank.