29 April 2020

Sydney researchers win grant to counter online foreign interference

Researchers from the Centre for International Security Studies (CISS) have been awarded $100,000 by the Department of Defence to strengthen Australia’s ability to identify and intercept information warfare.
24 April 2020

Marriage of disciplines traces the journey of a bird flu virus

Australian anthropologist Holly High travelled to Laos for field work in 2018, taking her children and her husband, a veterinarian and epidemiologist. The plan was he would help care for the children and continue his studies, while she did her research. When they unwittingly bought chickens carrying bird flu, they had an unplanned opportunity to combine their skills.
06 April 2020

Theatre in times of homelessness

Milk Crate Theatre has worked with homeless people in Sydney for 20 years, enabling them to tell their stories while gaining confidence, social skills and community. But while the number and needs of the homeless grow and funds for the arts shrink, how does a small non-profit group measure its value and develop a business model to support its work?