Secondary education degree transformed for future generations

26 August 2021
Become a qualified teacher faster
The new Bachelor of Education (Secondary) degree is redesigned to ensure our secondary teachers will be responsive to the future of education and be leaders in the field.

The Sydney School of Education and Social Work is excited to announce the new four-year Bachelor of Education (Secondary) degree, which will replace the previous five-year combined degree.

This degree is a professional qualification to teach in secondary schools in the areas of humanities and social sciences, mathematics, and science.

Keeping up with the times

In an era shaped by an explosion of scientific knowledge and a growing array of complex societal problems, it is appropriate that curricula evolves in new and transformative ways.

Our new redesigned education degree aims to align our secondary teaching education that answers the ongoing challenges and innovations within the university and industry. It will also ensure students have better opportunities to engage in a range of learning contexts to address challenges during these unprecedented times, and ultimately be immediately job-ready.

For this to occur, students must develop high-level knowledge and theoretical understanding of education in various interdisciplinary ways to understand the importance of education in society more broadly, and its potential for social justice, mobility and change.

This is carried out in the study of education and discipline specific areas through new modalities of teaching and multi-disciplinary approaches.

Moving into the future, teachers need to have the capacity to work flexibility and inclusively. One of the characteristics I love about Sydney's education programs, is that they have a new emphasis on multiple perspectives on education that show it's more than just about teaching a syllabus, but helps you see teaching from psychological, sociological, cultural and indigenous points of view.
Eddie Woo, University of Sydney Education Ambassador

What does the redesign look like?

World-leading experts

  • Students will be taught by world-leading experts in learning sciences and curriculum to design and develop frontline practices

Streamlined teaching

  • A simpler and more flexible curriculum ensures cross-curriculum priorities are delivered to the whole cohorts 
  • Major units of study will cover areas such as sociological perspectives in education, psychological perspectives in education, Aboriginal education, special and inclusive education

Real-world engagement

  • The new curriculum emphasises the need to respond to changing circumstances in the real world so students learn to analyse and respond to uncertainties

Interdisciplinary collaboration

  • Increased collaboration between academic staff in curriculum, pedagogy and education units so expertise can be shared and learned

New assessment designs

  • This degree will utilise the latest assessment design models including those that are reflexive, analytical and technologically based to ensure students are engaged with the latest advancements in assessment design.

Why become a teacher?

Simpler and more flexible

This redesigned curriculum is available in two courses for students to enrol:

Your future students are waiting for you to start the journey to becoming someone who will develop, challenge and inspire them. Join me at Sydney and become, that teacher.
Eddie Woo, University of Sydney Education Ambassador

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