19 June 2024

Bridging the past and present: The new Vere Gordon Childe Centre

The Vere Gordon Childe Centre, a recently launched research hub at the University of Sydney, aims to understand global human diversity through the study of material culture, artistic representation, and intangible heritage.
14 June 2024

Sydney Anthropologist awarded three prestigious book prizes

Dr. Sophie Chao, a DECRA Fellow and Lecturer in Anthropology at the University of Sydney, has been recognised with three prestigious awards for her monograph, In the Shadow of the Palms: More-Than-Human Becomings in West Papua (Duke University Press, 2022).
14 June 2024

Arts and Social Sciences students shine at the Honours Showcase

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences celebrates the brilliance and accomplishments of six outstanding Honours students from the 2023 cohort at the Faculty Honours Showcase and Award Ceremony.
13 June 2024

Reforming Tertiary Education Access and Financing Policies

At the 2024 RC Mills Lecture, Professor Lorraine Dearden highlighted the need for early education investment to improve tertiary access. She emphasised the use of detailed data analysis to inform education policy reforms.
11 June 2024

Is age verification for pornography access reliable? Research suggests no

A new study by Professor Alan McKee and Dr Zahra Stardust (QUT) suggests that age assurance technologies restricting access to pornography are unreliable and ineffective, and that there are better, evidence-based alternatives to facilitate access to diverse and healthy representations of sexuality online.
07 June 2024

The Dispossessed at 50: Ursula K. Le Guin's anarchist utopia endures

Dr Alexander Howard, Senior Lecturer in English, discusses the enduring political power of Ursula K. Le Guin's groundbreaking science-fiction novel, The Dispossessed.
07 June 2024

Sexual harassment rife in retail work

The peak bodies representing retailers and workers are calling on the industry to address the scourge of sexual harassment, in light of new research.
05 June 2024

Australian photographer Rosemary Laing remembered for her sensuous yet unsettling images

Associate Professor Donna Brett, Chair of Art History, pays tribute to Australian photographer Rosemary Laing, remembering her ground-breaking work in the art form, and her unique ability to "make us look".
03 June 2024

The joke's on us - how AI is replicating our laughter online

In an era in which we are increasingly reliant on digital devices and services, laughter can be a potent form of stress and frustration relief, and the tech industry knows it. But can AI genuinely emote a sense of humour, asks Dr Benjamin Nickl from the School of Languages and Cultures.
31 May 2024

Donald Trump verdict: experts explain

University of Sydney experts offer opinions on the guilty verdict for Donald Trump, who is now the first US President, serving or former, to have been convicted of a crime.