28 February 2024

Sydney attracts top research talent with innovative Fellowships

Unprecedented investment in appointment of 40 research fellows across a range of disciplines.
27 February 2024

Crowdfunding key to defending and rebuilding Ukraine

Dr Olga Boichak, senior lecturer in Digital Cultures in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, explores how Ukrainians are innovating from the battlefield to the digital frontlines, to take the fight to a much better equipped and better funded enemy.
27 February 2024

Why Egypt refuses to open its border to Palestinians

Gazans attempting to shelter in Rafah are not permitted to cross the border into Egypt. Liyana Kayali, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sydney, explains why.
26 February 2024

Exploring causes and consequences of today's housing market challenges

The School of Economics hosted the 12th annual Warren Hogan Memorial Lecture on Wednesday 8 November 2023.
23 February 2024

Experience the Spanish-speaking world: an encounter with español

What is it like to learn a new language in a new environment overseas? We caught up with Science student Dominique D’Silva, who shares about her experience in Spain where she learnt the Spanish language as a beginner through cultural immersion.
21 February 2024

Embracing lifelong learning with a Diploma of Language Studies

With a head and heart for lifelong education, Michael Wright has entered retirement embarking on further studies to pursue his passion for language acquisition.
21 February 2024

Should Taylor Swift be taught alongside Shakespeare? Yes!

Professor Liam Semler, a Shakespeare scholar in the Discipline of English, explains how Taylor Swift is not only a genuine ally of serious literature but that she deserves a place on the university curriculum alongside Shakespeare's Sonnets.
19 February 2024

What can we learn from nature if we listen to it deeply?

Dr Diana Chester, a sound studies scholar from Media and Communications in FASS, and Associate Professor Damien Ricketson, a composer from Sydney Conservatorium of Music invite visitors to lie down, close their eyes and listen to the sand, sea and wind in a new research project called Listening to Earth.
16 February 2024

Experience Italy: growing valuable skills with a new language

Stepping out of your comfort zone to study a new language overseas can lead to a rich learning experience. Arts and Science student, Adeline Chai, shares about her time of growth in Italy when she embarked on an intensive in-country unit.
15 February 2024

Taylor Swift: why academics are studying the pop star

Taylor Swift, who is about to tour Australia with her much-anticipated Eras concerts, was the subject of a three-day academic conference, known as a Swiftposium, in Melbourne, where academics presented papers on her global impact.