23 May 2024

Awarding student excellence in languages and cultures

The School of Languages and Cultures hosted its 2024 Awards Ceremony to recognise 61 students for their outstanding performance in language and culture studies with special guests, donors and officials from around the world.
22 May 2024

An academic journey in Political Economy

Cooper Sheather is an emerging scholar in political economy from Tharawal country, South-West Sydney, whose passion and dedication have earned him the prestigious Frank Stilwell Award in Political Economy. Driven by a vision for equity, Cooper’s research in political economy is bridging the gap between theoretical frameworks and real-world applications.

21 May 2024

Can you control your image? Gina Rinehart, King Charles and 'moral portraits'

From heroic Roman emperors to caricature and King Charles III, Professor Roger Benjamin from Art History discusses Vincent Namatjira's painting of Gina Rinehart and when or if a portrait's subject should have control over the artist's depiction.
17 May 2024

Associate Professor Sophie Gee appointed inaugural Vice-Chancellor Fellow

The University of Sydney has appointed Associate Professor Sophie Gee as inaugural Vice-Chancellor Fellow with a focus on public intellectual discourse and collaboration.
13 May 2024

How travel 'bucket lists' help cancer patients handle life and death

Dr Leah Williams Veazey, Dr Katherine Kenny and Professor Alex Broom from the Sydney Centre for Healthy Societies explore the significance and potential downfalls of bucket lists for cancer patients, and how dreams of adventure change in the face of illness.
08 May 2024

Australia's Eurovision entry is the first to sing in First Nations language: meet Electric Fields

Musicologists and linguists at Sydney Conservatorium of Music share their knowledge on Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara, one of the most widely spoken Australian First Nations languages used in Electric Fields' song "One Milkali (One Blood)" performed at Eurovision 2024.
01 May 2024

The President is a brilliant revival of a play of decay, terror and revulsion

Dr Alexander Howard, senior lecturer in English, reviews The President by Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard, at the Sydney Theatre Company, a co-production with Dublin's Gate Theatre.
01 May 2024

Communications students explore Korea and its media industry

Each year a group of media students travel to Korea for seven days to connect with its culture and media landscape. Before the next generation of students takes flight, three of our recent graduates reflect on their experience.
01 May 2024

Art History at Sydney now #1 in Australia in QS Subject Rankings

Now ranked first in Australia, the discipline of Art History connects students with the cultural sector beyond campus. Its research projects and engagement programs are recognised by partners and industry across the globe.
01 May 2024

Where to next in Australia's battle with Elon Musk and X?

Professor Terry Flew, in Digital Communications and Culture, says the Australian government's battle with Elon Musk and X over violent content appears admirable, but will it change anything for those vulnerable to its harm?