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2019 news

04 November 2019

Youth mental health: right level of care needed, first time

Sydney researchers detail a youth mental health model - the result of years of work from the Brain and Mind Centre - based on their findings that the common 'stepped care' approach may be too little, too late.

Your Mental Health checklist

During times of uncertainty and periods of isolation, feelings of stress, exhaustion and anxiety are common and you may need a little more support to simply navigate your day-to-day.

23 October 2019

What happens in our brain when we do complex tasks?

Researchers are beginning to untangle what lies behind complex brain activity, with a combination of a brain imaging technique and a Sudoku-like puzzle, writes Dr James (Mac) Shine from the Brain and Mind Centre.

Australia’s mental health crisis: philanthropy woes

Findings have been presented after conducting an extensive survey on philanthropists and corporate foundations to understand why they are not doing more to support mental health.

Best Care, First Time

This project will use new and emerging technologies as the vehicle to enhance self-assessment and highly personalised care for young people. 

21 October 2019

Digital mental health project wins industry grant for new trial

The Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt MP highlights mental health as Australia's greatest challenge as the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre and Bupa launch an ambitious digital health care trial through the InnoWell platform.
02 October 2019

What is mental health?

October is Mental Health Month so we spoke to Dr Alyssa Milton from the Brain and Mind Centre to help unravel this very important topic.

BCR PhD Research Scholarship

In partnership with the University of Sydney, The BCR Scholarship will focus on developing quantitative biomarkers for monitoring disease progression through advanced neuroimaging research and AI innovations.

Game changing national summit for children with neurodevelopment disorders

The summit will bring together leading neurodevelopment experts and researchers to form a national network that will transform the way children and their families are assessed, diagnosed, treated and supported.

Is age the best indicator for emotional and cognitive brain development?

The use of broad age ranges to outline when certain developmental stages usually occur are a useful tool for early detection of learning difficulties and disorders. 

23 September 2019

How we are tackling dementia and stigma

A language app to improve diagnosis and peer-support dementia coaching are some of the Sydney projects aiming to tackle the obstacles and stigma surrounding dementia.
17 September 2019

Solving the mystery of a Motor Neuron Disease mimic

Mudgee residents Richard and Lynda Rouse are donating $1 million to the University of Sydney to help solve the mystery of a little-known condition commonly misdiagnosed as Motor Neuron Disease.
12 September 2019

Seeing is revealing: new insights into brains and black holes

We brought together an engineer, neurologist, astrophysicist and philosopher to answer the big questions about life and the universe.
15 August 2019

Sally Gainsbury wins NSW Young Tall Poppy of the Year

University of Sydney researcher in the psychology of addictive gambling and gaming recognised for her innovative harm-minimisation strategies.
12 August 2019

Online options for youth mental health

The statistic is distressing but it suggests an effective place to start treatment: 75 percent of mental health problems begin before age 25, and 50 percent before age 15. Now a common point of contact has suggested a radical approach to service delivery.
30 July 2019

$1.5 million awarded for dementia prevention study

Researchers have secured funding from the National Health Medical Research Council for a first-ever trial of both screening and intervention for obstructive sleep apnoea in older people at risk for dementia.

16 July 2019

Cannabis treatment counters addiction: first study of its kind

A Sydney-led study published in a JAMA journal provides the first strong evidence that medicinal cannabis could reduce the rate of relapse for users of cannabis - a leading cause of drug treatment episodes in Australia.
27 June 2019

Brain disease found in former league players

For the first time, a brain disease linked with repetitive head injury in American sport has been identified in the brains of two former Australian rugby league players.
01 April 2019

Redevelop the Better Access program say mental health experts

Mental health experts from the Brain and Mind Centre call for the Better Access program to be redeveloped to maximise its benefit.

Australian first for mental health as icare funds Fellowships with $1.5 million

The Brain and Mind Centre has partnered with leading health organisations on a $1.5 million Fellowship program to provide specialised training to psychiatrists and support patients after traumatic brain injury. 

Bupa Health Foundation Mental Health Funding

Researchers from the Brain and Mind Centre have been awarded funding from the Bupa Health Foundation to improve access and coordination of mental health care.

Raymond Seidler Postgraduate Research Scholarship

In partnership with the University of Sydney, The Raymond Seidler PhD Scholarship will focus on improving the mental health of doctors in Australia.

Mental health month

The Brain and Mind Centre is marking Mental Health Month this October. We are showcasing news, stories and events that we have been part of in the mental health space and how we work with dedicated researchers and health practitioners to improve wellbeing for all Australians.

Margaret Ethel Jew Fund for Dementia Research

A generous donation made in memory of Margaret Ethel Jew will provide funds, in perpetuity, to directly support research costs for a Brain and Mind Centre researcher in dementia.

Frontotemporal dementia in Sydney (Frontier project): Reflections and Perspectives

This will be an opportunity to celebrate his body of work conducted in Australia over the last decade.

Sydney Dementia Network Launch

The University of Sydney, with hosting partner, the Brain and Mind Centre, a global leader in research and treatment of conditions that affect child development, youth mental health and brain ageing, has officially launched a Sydney Dementia Network.  

Time for smart choices on Medicare reform: Who is acting in the public interest?

Professor Hickie says that a report calling for rebates to be extended to people "at risk" of being mentally ill will not be a smart choice for long term reform.

LIFE with frontotemporal dementia

We invited people who were either living with Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD), or perhaps knew a family member, friend or colleague with the diagnosis or working in the field, to submit their digital photograph to the 'Life with Frontotemporal Dementia' Art Show. The exhibition was held in Sydney at the 11th International Conference on FTD in 2018. We received beautiful images that shared individual FTD stories through a unique lens.

Historic partnership with Consumer Led Research Network

The University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre is proud to have entered into a historic partnership with the Consumer Led Research Network.