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An archive of news articles from 2020 on how the Brain and Mind Centre engaged communities and improved the lives of those living with conditions of the brain and mind through high-impact research.

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13 August 2020

BHP Foundation supports COVID-19 Mental Health Think Tank

COVID-19 Mental Health Response Independent Think Tank brings together a broad range of expertise to pursue evidence-based mental health policy.
11 August 2020

Gambling frequency reduced during first wave of COVID-19

A survey by the Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic into the impact of the coronavirus in Australia found a majority reduced their gambling during the first shutdown but about one in 10 increased how often they gambled.

04 August 2020

Mental health impact of 'lockdown fatigue' requires urgent response

Serious concerns are being raised about people's capacity to comply with Victoria's new lockdown orders and the mental health impacts of such prolonged social isolation, writes Professor Ian Hickie.
03 August 2020

First dynamic modelling of national suicide prevention strategies released

University of Sydney researchers are recommending urgent national strategies to reduce the mental health impact in Australia due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
13 May 2020

Modelling shows path to suicide prevention in covid-recovery

New modelling released today by the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre combines productivity and suicide data, demonstrating the benefits of acting urgently and effectively to flatten the mental health 'curve'.


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