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07 September 2023

Support for the Voice to Parliament Referendum

In a unanimous decision, the Brain and Mind Centre Co-Directors, Executive Leadership Committee and Administration support the Voice as a critical next step in creating a better-shared future for all Australian people.
23 August 2023

Former Minister appointed as advisor to Youth Mental Health team

The Honorable Victor Dominello appointed as advisor to research team within the Brain and Mind Centre.
21 June 2023

Brain and Mind Centre partnership program

Now in its third year, the Brain and Mind Centre is calling for applications to its ongoing partnership program. So far, the scheme has awarded 8 partnership grants.
20 June 2023

Professor Matthew Kiernan receives Ramaciotti Medal

Congratulations to Professor Matthew Kiernan on receiving the Ramaciotti Medal in recognition of his extensive research into neurodegenerative diseases including dementia and motor neurone disease.
01 June 2023

Brain and Mind Centre researcher to receive Robinson Fellow

A Brain and Mind Centre researcher is among the latest cohort of researchers to receive a multi-year fellowship named after the University of Sydney's first Nobel Prize winner.
30 May 2023

Multiple sclerosis global image database hits major milestones

Two years ago, the computational neuroimaging team started the MSBase Imaging Repository (MSBIR) that now acts as a global neuroimmunology registry containing over 89,000 MS patient records from 166 clinics in 42 countries around the world.
29 May 2023

UK gambling white paper could influence Australian reform

The UK gambling white paper release marks a comprehensive step in regulating gambling policies for legislations around the world.
18 May 2023

National Volunteer Week: Contributions missing from the GDP model

It's National Volunteer Week and despite extensive contributions made by Australians, when it comes to volunteering, this value is not reflected in the current gross domestic product (GDP) model.
03 May 2023

A pathway to curing essential tremor

Researchers at The Brain and Mind Centre are closer to treating essential tremor using MRgFUS.

21 April 2023

Margaret Ethel Jew winner announced

Congratulations to Doctor Rachel Tan on being 2023’s Margaret Ethel Jew Fund recipient. This stipend goes towards Rachel Tan’s research into neurodegeneration and dementia.