Brain and Mind Centre: A year in review 2023

5 December 2023
A look back at a few key moments this year
A selection of some of the key stories, news, events and research from the Brain and Mind Centre members, collaborators, and partners making the news in 2023.

2023 Brain and Mind Centre - Key News Stories

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    Brain and Mind Centre successes of 2023

    Congratulations to the winners of this year's Brain and Mind Centre support schemes. Find out what some of our researchers will be working on in 2024!
  • Brain and Mind Centre Symposium 2023

    The 6th Annual Symposium, offered up presentations by renowned international guest speakers.
  • GPs could improve access to ADHD treatment

    While GPs should have an expanded role in the ongoing management of ADHD, it's important for specialists to diagnose and initiate treatment, writes Professor Adam Guastella from the Brain and Mind Centre at the University of Sydney and co-authors.
  • Australians urged to seek out timely dementia diagnosis

    Knowing the early signs of dementia and seeking out a timely diagnosis are vital to living well in the long term according to Australian researchers who today launch a public awareness campaign.
  • How can after school care be more than a babysitting service?

    There are nearly 5,000 outside school hours services in Australia, but about 14 percent of services fall short of the national quality standards. Designing activities with children and their communities can help improve this, writes Dr Alyssa Milton from the Brain and Mind Centre and co-authors.
  • Understanding mental health

    This Mental Health Month discover the inspiring mental health research being undertaken across the University and access our mental health resources to inform yourself and others.
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    Support for the Voice to Parliament Referendum

    In a unanimous decision, the Brain and Mind Centre Co-Directors, Executive Leadership Committee and Administration support the Voice as a critical next step in creating a better-shared future for all Australian people.
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    University of Sydney establishes Centre of Excellence in Gambling Research

    The University of Sydney has established a multi-disciplinary centre dedicated to advancing research on gambling behaviour and minimising harm.
  • New program shows after school hours care can boost children's social wellbeing

    A pilot study shows how after-school-hours care can play an important role in building children's wellbeing and social connection. The program involves children in the design process and gives them a voice and role to shape their own experience.
  • Unemployment and underemployment significant drivers of suicide: analysis

    Analysis led by University of Sydney researchers has revealed causal effects of unemployment and underemployment on suicide rates in Australia, with an estimated 10 percent of reported suicides over a 13-year period resulting from labour underutilisation.
  • Patients with unmet mental health needs are turning to medicinal cannabis

    New research shows Australian healthcare practitioners are often prescribing medicinal cannabis for psychiatric conditions where the evidence for effectiveness is unclear.
  • MSBIR brain scan image

    Multiple sclerosis global image database hits major milestones

    Two years ago, the computational neuroimaging team started the MSBase Imaging Repository (MSBIR) that now acts as a global neuroimmunology registry containing over 89,000 MS patient records from 166 clinics in 42 countries around the world.
  • How can we support kids getting Autism or ADHD assessments better?

    Around half of young children who attended their first neurodevelopmental assessment showed signs of mental distress. Professor Adam Guastella, Dr Kelsie Boulton and Asssociate Professor Natalie Silove explore what we need to do to ensure mental health needs are addressed early.
  • A pathway to curing essential tremor

    Researchers at The Brain and Mind Centre are closer to treating essential tremor using MRgFUS.

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    Nearly two-thirds of adolescent long stays in NSW hospitals for mental health

    Professor Adam Guastella says tailored models of care and improved community treatment for high-risk groups and in regional areas could help reduce extended length of stay.
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    Our research isn't an argument against cashless gaming reform in NSW

    Professor Sally Gainsbury says a key feature of account-based gambling is not removing cash, per se, but requiring gamblers to gamble through an identified account.
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    The Spencer-Bennett NeuroMusic Collaborative

    A philanthropic gift has enabled psychologists, bioengineers, musicians, imaging experts and neurologists to collaborate on a groundbreaking research program.
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    Australian unpaid social contributions valued at $287 billion

    Australians generated at least $287.86 billion in value through unpaid social contributions in 2021, according to a new report from the University of Sydney's Mental Wealth Initiative.
  • With advances in neurotech, how can we protect our brain data?

    Our neurodata can reveal our most private selves. As brain implants become common, how will it be protected? Christina Maher from the School of Biomedical Engineering and the Brain and Mind Centre outlines a way forward.
  • Brain neurons

    Big Plans for Research into Motor Neurone Disease

    Professor Matthew Kiernan, Doctor Sicong Tu and Doctor Rachel Tan have secured grants for future Motor Neurone Disease research work.
  • New trial uses cannabis for spinal cord injury induced chronic pain

    Scientists at the University of Sydney have been awarded $1.7 million from NSW Health to research a new treatment for chronic pain which commonly affects people with spinal cord injuries.